Unique Business Ideas – Pet Sitting And Walking

Unique Business Ideas – Pet Sitting And Walking

Pet owners have a problem. What do they do with Fido when they go on holiday, make short business trips or are called away unexpectedly? Friends, relatives and neighbours may not always be available and good catteries or kennels can be difficult to find, upsetting for animals, and inconvenient for owners who have to spend valuable time driving to out-of-the-way locations.

There appears to be a gap in the market for a pet-sitting service – looking after animals in their own home.

Stress the many benefits in your advertisements and sales literature: less disruption for pets; peace or mind for owners; cheaper than boarding; removes obligation from friends/families/neighbors; last-minute placements less of a problem; convenience.

The one thing potential customers may be wary about is leaving keys with a stranger To reassure them, have copies of references available: one from a person of some note and the other from a customer. Check that referees would be happy for people to phone them.

You may like to have a formal contract drawn up by your solicitor to cover and limit your liabilities. Clients can sign it when you meet to discuss feeding and exercise routines, who will be responsible for buying food and supplies, and who their vet is.

People care a lot about their pets. The thought of leaving them in kennels or catteries can be distressing and may not always meet the demands of unexpected situations. If you like animals, pet sitting has lots of benefits to help you turn it into what could be a flourishing business.

This will appeal if

You’re good with, and like, animals
You’re organised.
You’re reliable.
You’re reasonably fit.
You’re conscientious.


– Repeat business likely once customers have used your service,
– Very low overheads.
– Very low cost start-up
– Good cash flow set-up.


– Some seasonality to work (busier in summer holidays).
– May need some form of transport.
– Earnings are limited by the number of animals you can look.
– Some evening and weekend work. Future possibilities

Future possibilities

– Hire staff to cover wider areas and additional workload.
– Offer a wider range of services: grooming, training, delivering pet food supplies