How to Select Length For Your Video Marketing

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Watch The Length Of Your Video! 


One of the points that you have to keep in mind about your video is that you have to keep it at a comfortable length. Videos that are too short often fail to make an impression on the viewer. However, videos that go on and on can bore the viewer to death. Instead of cajoling people into your business opportunity, these videos may actually take them away. When you are making a video, you must not think only about what you are going to put into it; you also have to think about how much of it are you going to put in. 

There is nothing like an ideal video length. It depends on the kind of video you are making. The thing works just like it does with movies. Sometimes you do not mind movies that are longer than two and a half hours because they hold your interest. However, there are also movies that are great only if they are short. Consider those action 

flicks that everyone loves to watch so much – Do you think they would have the same kind of appeal if they were stretched on interminably? 


The same kind of logic applies to videos that you use for promoting your business. Yes, the proportionate time limits are much shorter here, but the rationale is the same. Give people something interesting or useful and they won’t mind if it is a tad bit too long. Or else you could make a breezy entertainer that doesn’t last more than a minute.
Though there are definitely no rules about the length of video marketing, the following are some points that you might want to follow:-



1. If you are making a funny advertisement, do not keep it more than a minute in length. On the Internet, the rule is “the shorter, the funnier”.



2. If you are revealing something special through your video – it could be a snag in your competitor’s product or something revolutionary about MLM itself – do not rub it in too much. Just say whatever you want to say once and repeat it once at the end. As far as the length goes, stretching it beyond a minute dilutes the effect. If you want to give additional details, put up another video later on and link it to this first one.



3. If you are giving instructions through your video on using your product, you will need to be as detailed as possible. With MLM instructions, a length of about 4-5 minutes is apt. Stretching it beyond this can prove to be boring.


4. No headshot video must be more than a minute in length unless you are getting the President to speak for you! Just speak the important details out and make more videos if you want to instead of keeping one long one.
Of course, there are exceptions. If you think what you are telling is of real value and will pique the interest of the watcher, go on and make it longer.