Are You Planing For Your first MLM Promotional video?

This could be a very important benchmark event in your MLM career. Making a video is tantamount to bringing your opportunity right out into the open, in front of the world. Needless to say, it has to be done very carefully and a lot of thought needs to be put into it. Here are some points you can use when you are planning a video.

What Kind of Video will it be?

There are various ways to make your video. Are you going to use just a headshot of yourself or someone else speaking about the opportunity, or are you going to make a presentation video with screenshots and illustrations? Are you going to make it like a commercial? Are you going to make it funny or serious? Like a movie director, you have to first think what kind of attitude your video will take. If you think that you will start the camera rolling and things will fall into place, chances are that no one will gain anything from watching your video.

Keep the Content Ready

Whatever kind of video you are making, you need to have a transcript that the actors will be speaking out. It is a great idea to spend time on this content. Get a professional to write it for you if you are not quite comfortable with it.


Rehearse the video a few times before actually facing the camera. See if you (or whoever the actors are) are getting the intonations and the gestures right. You must also make a trial video first and see where you have gone wrong. Remember that in the world of video, perfection is king.

What Equipment will You use?

You will need to edit your video and even maybe convert it so that it can be streamed on the Internet. For this you will need good video editing software. Do some research on these and find out which will best suit your purposes. Good video editing software will allow you to add sound and text effects also, which can take your video several notches higher. Budget is also important here. There are video editing software applications ranging from a few dollars to several hundred

dollars. But since you are not making professional videos, you will only need the basic features. Look at their features and then decide.

Where will you submit Your Video?

You have to plan out where you will submit the video you have made. You will likely put it on your website, your sales page, your landing page and your blog. But you can also submit it to various video directories such as YouTube. Putting videos on such social directories helps immensely because they already have a great SEO in place and a lot of users already watching these videos. Do some research on the best video submission directories in advance so that you can adhere to their submission rules even when you are making the videos.
Once you have made your first video, you will see how easy the whole thing is. Chances are, you will be addicted to making videos and putting them on the Internet. But this is a healthy addiction – one that will give your business the visibility that you expect it to get.