Some Ideas For Videos That Can Enhance Your MLM Marketing

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Videos are a wonderful way to promote your MLM campaign and they are refreshingly different too. While all other methods of promotion need you to be all straitlaced about what you are promoting, videos give you an amazing degree of freedom. You can be as goofy as you want with these videos and still make an impression.

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If you check out videos that people put out on social networking sites – even the videos that are promotional – you will find that a lot of them are highly unconventional. Some of them are downright funny (even poking fun at the product itself), some you would like to call bizarre or weird, some do not mention the product at all! All rules of business promotion are broken with these unconventional videos. Well, the word ‘unconventional’ is definitely not the right word the way things are going. Unconventional, in the world of video promotion, is becoming highly conventional.

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But does it work? Certainly it does! People are enjoying the humor and will also see some of their favorite videos over and over again. This works for the brand recognition. Even if people are not looking for the brand itself, there is a subconscious mind working there which captures the product which the video is for. A case in point is the funny Blackberry video which was a hit on YouTube and other social networks. It shows a man expressing more love for his Blackberry than for his wife. The video was a big hit. Viewers liked it and even sent it to their friends. Now, why did they do that? They did that because they wanted their friends to laugh with them too. But the thing that really happened was that a lot more people came to know about Blackberry through the video than through any other method. People just referred to it as the “funny Blackberry commercial” which got millions of hits on Google as the word caught on.

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This is what video marketing is all about. Yes, you can be dead serious about what you are selling but that does not mean you cannot be humorous too! Smart advertising is a blend of every expression.

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Some types of videos that are considered as ‘safe’ for online promotional strategies are:-


Funny videos

 They are always a big hit on community sites such as YouTube 


Shocking videos

If you have something scandalous to say about the business or whatever else fits the bill, do that. 


Inspirational videos

They need to be done correctly and expertly. People love motivational stuff.


Thought-provoking video

Make people think about what they are doing and give them a better option, which is your business opportunity. 


Demonstration videos

Show people exactly how they can go ahead with your business opportunity.