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How to get rich when you are earning very little

You possess a desire to get rich. You are earning very little and find it tough to save enough money for investment. How do you get rich when you are earning very little? It is not an impossible task as many poor people have become very rich. They are the heroes of the rag to riches stories.

How do they achieve that? How to grow rich when you are earning barely enough to cover your personal expenses?

First of all, you must possess a very intense desire to get out of poverty. You must have a very strong desire to get rich. Without this desire, getting rich is impossible. You must have a strong desire plus great determination to get rich.

You should never think that you only have a choice between rich and happiness. You do not need to choose either one, because you can be rich and happy. In your heart of hearts, you know that you cannot be happy if you are poor.

Grow the desire to be rich to such an extent it becomes a roaring fire in your heart.

The second step is to invest. Invest in yourself. Read a lot of books that will make you rich. Learn from reading those books written by millionaires and billionaires.

Do not sit in front of TV every night and watch for hours and hours. You will not get rich this way. How many people get rich by becoming a TV addict? Not a single one.

Learn how and what the rich invests in. Learn the safest way to invest without losing you capital. In the meanwhile, save as hard as you can, so that you have a sum of money to make investment.

The third step is to seek advice from people around you. The poor people may not know how to get rich. They may know how to save money. They are the ones who always know where to get the best value for money. Learn all the money saving tricks from them.

Seek advice from the ones who are poor and manage to make more money that you do. Learn how they become richer. They may not be as rich as Bill Gates or Richard Branson, but they do know how to get richer than you.

Ask them in such a way that they cannot stop talking. Most people like to talk about themselves. They like to boast how great they really are. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut. Listen attentively and clarify.

The fourth step is to make your plan. This is your million dollars plan. Do spend time thinking about it. Do not hesitate to make your plan. Without planning, you will never get to your destination.

Once you have made your plan, follow your plan as closely as possible. Review your plan regularly and make necessary adjustments. If you find that you are better at making money online, then by all means, shift your focus to making money online.

All the self made billionaires and millionaires get rich by different routes. What works for one person may not work for another. You have to find where your strength is.

There are many ways to get rich. Please find the way that works for you, and work extremely hard to get rich. Always tell yourself that you want, you can, and you will be rich and happy.

Enjoy the journey from poor to rich.