Weight Loss and Muscle Building: Can I Use the Same Supplements for Both?

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Can I use the same supplements for both weight loss and muscle building? Well, not exactly although some products do go hand in hand. Anyone can do an internet search and find a plethora of products for both weight loss and muscle building. There are products tuned in just for losing weight and some that are just made to help build muscle. So, why can’t one do both? The answer is actually very simple. It depends on what you want to target. For example, if you way 250 pounds and want to lose weight and build muscle, you can at the same time. It is inevitable that this would happen, but you need to focus on losing the weight first. Why? Again the answer is simple. As you work out you will start to tone, firm, and build muscle in turn which burns fat. I always think of it like this. One pound of muscle is your pinky. One pound of fat is your fist. Now, compare the two. You can see that the muscle pound is smaller, but will fight the pound of fat, so be grit.


As far as supplements go, you need something that will speed up your metabolism with out giving you the jitters for weight loss. Let me say that again! If it gives you the jitters STOP! You are putting your heart at great risk. For muscle strength, you need a product that can help put more oxygen into your muscles during a work out. This wakes up your muscles and helps to give you a faster recovery between workout sets.


You need to use sparingly bodybuilding in supplements and weight loss supplements. You don’t want to turn your body into a GNC, but a healthy vessel. I personally recommend endorush by BSN to help build muscle as well as supplementing it with some creatin. Be cautious with creatin. Too much can hurt your kidneys, so read the label, talk to your doctor and watch your body for signs. For weight loss, I like Herbalife, total control. It speeds up your metabolism with out the jitters. Most companies offer samples for you to try so you don’t drain your wallet on something you don’t like. Always listen to your body. It will tell you what it likes and what it doesn’t. Please also keep in mind, that you will never achieve the body you want without proper nutrition and exercise.

Use supplements cautiously and best of luck to you!


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