A Warm-Hearted Movie For All Romantics: P.S.I Love You

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P.S. I Love You is a sweet and moving love story with some depth and a warm heart. Suitable for all romantics, this ‘feel-good’ movie is guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes.

The story involves Holly, (played by Hilary Swank), a young American widow, whose very good-looking Irish husband has just died. His death devastates her so she refuses to venture out of her apartment in New York, because she wants to be surrounded by memories of him.. Her friends and family don’t know how to help so they are pleased and surprised when Holly suddenly starts receiving letters from her dead husband which appear to cheer her up and make her face life again. The missives take her on a journey through her romance with him and show her a way to recover from the pain that she feels.

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Most viewers will easily identify with Holly as she struggles to overcome her grief and fulfil each instruction that Gerry sends, even though memories of her romance sometimes cause her pain.

Excellent acting, a dramatic storyline, and beautiful scenery all make this film well-worth seeing. Hilary Swank plays Holly very engagingly. Indeed, she almost carries the film. Her mother, acted by Kathy Bates, has the right combination of bitterness about her ex-husband’s desertion and love and concern for her daughter. Lisa Kudrow adds an amusing note as one of Holly’s friends. The only flaw as far as the acting is concerned is Harry Connick, Jnr., who plays the part of another friend. He says each line as though he’s merely spouting words that he’s learned off by heart, which is a pity.


Part of the film is set on location in Ireland and the sweeping photography of this country’s gorgeous scenery shows it to great advantage. The wide green fields and touch of rural life provide an excellent contrast with the busy streets and hectic character of New York.

The movie is a little bit long and drawn-out, but this is a minor problem. It’s very enjoyable with a lovely message of hope.



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