How do walk 10,000 steps a day?

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Walking 10,000 steps a day can help you to gain a healthy body and mind, reducing the risk of back pain and other chronic illness. 10,000 steps may look like a very large number and impossible goal. But it is not. An average person can clock 6,000 steps with an hour of walking at a normal pace.

10,000 steps require less than 2 hours of walking. Since there are 24 hours in a day, and you are awake for at least 16 hours. It works out to an average of only 625 steps in an hour. And that means just 7 minutes of walking out of every hour of 60 minutes.
Even if you are walking at an extra slow speed, you are able to gain 625 steps in less than 10 minutes of walking. That is a very reasonable and achievable goal for you.

10,000 steps a day is a very reasonable goal, even for an office worker. You have to get a reliable pedometer to measure the numbers of steps you take. It is best to get one with memory for 7 days reading.

Once you get into the habit of counting the number of steps, you will find a lot of ways to add in a few more steps every now and then. omron_HJ-113-E

For example, you drive to work. The normal tendency is to park as near to the office building as possible. However, parking a few car lots away can add in 20 to 30 more steps. Imagine after work, you drive to the supermarket, and you park further away, you are adding a few more steps than usual.

You burn about one calorie for every 20 steps you take. By parking your car further away force you to walk a few more steps, and burn a few more calories.

How do you increase the number of steps in the office?

It is very easy. You do not need to set aside a lot of time just to walk around. You just need to add in a few more steps every time you go for a toilet break or the cup of coffee.
If you need to walk 100 steps to take a cup of coffee, you can take a longer route and clock 150 steps. Walking two ways will yield an extra 100 steps, and that means that you are burning an extra 5 calories.

If you have a habit of filling up your big jug with water to last you the whole day, you may choose to consider using a smaller jug. That will require you to make a few trips to the pantry to top up the drinking water.

You can take a longer route when you walk to the washroom, to the copier and printer, to your boss room, to the meeting room and other part of the office building. Since these are the usual activities that you do in a normal workday, you can easily increase or double the number of steps for all the daily activities.

If you want to talk to your boss, you can choose to call him or walk over to his office. Walking to his office and back to your workstation can mean extra 100 steps. If you do that 5 times a day, you are adding 500 steps in a day. Walk-it-off-with-an-Omron-Pedometer.-How-to-walk-10000-steps-a-day-with-livelaughrowe.com_

Buying grocery is another activity that requires walking. Even if the weather is bad outside, you can walk in the mall as you shop for grocery and other products.

You can choose to walk to the furthest part of the supermarket to grab a product. Then walk to the front of the supermarket to get another product. And walk all the way to the back again to get a product. Nobody is going to notice you walking up and down, and all over the place. After all, this is the way that most people do their shopping.

So folks, be creative and continuously look for ways to add in a few more steps in your daily activities.

A long walk in the weekend can only happen when the weather is fine, and you are in the mood to walk. But the daily activities are the ones that can keep you walking constantly, and need not rely on the perfect weather.


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