How To Use MySpace In Driving Traffic To Your Webs

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In this modern era where the internet has become a primary medium of communication across the globe, we just can’t deny the increasing popularity the social networking sites get in bringing us closer—-either through dating, catching up with old friends, meeting new people, or connecting with loved ones on the other parts of the world. Hence, it’s not surprising that many online marketers see these sites as a great opportunity to promote their brands to a wider audience.
If you are seeking for a good social network to advertise your products or services, then MySpace is a good place to start with. MySpace still maintains its old fame with its millions of users worldwide, and so it won’t harm to expect a good traffic when using it. The tips below show the common yet still effective tactics in optimizing MySpace without paying for ads to drive visitors to your website.
Design your MySpace page.

Customize your own page wisely. Choose the theme that best describes you and bring out the impression you want to give to anyone visiting your page. Apply an attractive template and interesting and unique profile picture to your page. Also add images, videos, audio, and other contents that would attract your visitors and make them linger to your page longer.
In your profile, remember to add the url to the website you want to promote. In this way, you get free advertisement and thus extra traffic through your striking MySpace page.
Add MySpace Blog
Add good quality posts to your MySpace blog and give your audience an idea of your expertise in a specific niche. This will increase your credibility as a promoter and thus let you gain the trust of your visitors. Post valuable and viral articles to your blog and imbed the link of your site.
Expand your connection
A broader network means more visitors to your page, and eventually to your website. Keep on searching and inviting MySpace users who you think would be interested in your niche. Don’t be afraid to increase your horizons and look for people globally—who knows you might reach someone out there who is very fascinated in the same field as yours.
However, be reminded that you must not directly promote your site immediately after adding new friends. Make yourself involved in MySpace community first and let your new friends noticed you with your regular activity logs. Take time to increase your interactions first by exchanging friendly conversations and questions, offering advices, and commenting on their photos and videos. If you make a stable relationship with them, then it’s safe to tactically present your website without harming your chances. In this way you don’t look like an aggressive marketer in MySpace that will instead make the audience to back off.
Update your MySpace page constantly

Keep your profile updated with new blog posts, pictures, videos, etc. Give your visitors something new and interesting to look forward to every time they check your profile. Failing to update will eventually make them bored and uninterested with your page— and you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen. Don’t waste the opportunity of increasing your traffic from the audience you built.


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