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If you are planning for a vacation with your family then London is an excellent destination to prefer. You will have to remember some important things when you plan for a holiday in London. This guide to London will give you a good understanding of the city, London, as a holiday tour with your family.

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk, London, UK

London is the biggest city in Europe and it is considered as world powerhouse. It is one of the important city-break destinations. You can enjoy its spectacular sights, marvelous art, top level cultural events, history and architecture, exciting nightlife, top quality theatres and good restaurants. If you are visiting London for the first time then you will find it as a huge bewildering place. There are visitors who waste huge money as they do not have any idea about the wrinkles and tips, which Londoners have picked up spontaneously.

What to see in London?

Once you are in London, there are many places to explore. You can enjoy visiting a place like the Tower of London, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, a trip down the Thames and the Saint Peter’s Cathedral. When you are in London, the daily changing of the guards is the event that you cannot miss. You can also visit the sites such as Big Ben and the London eye. You will explore the London’s world Heritage sites such as the Westminster site including St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Greenwich.

London’s weather is not enjoyable all the time for any outdoor activities. However, there are numerous museums and parks around the city, which will divert the minds of adults and children. You can enjoy the fantastic view of the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the wax sculptures at Madam Tussauds. One spectacular place to visit is the London Eye because it offers great views of the London city. If you are traveling with your family then the highly recommended places to visit is the National Gallery, the British Museum and the Imperial War Museum, which are the educational centers in London.

The other interesting place to visit is the Natural History Museum where your children can enjoy more and there are also many interactive exhibits. Here, you will experience the feelings of an earthquake, experience the dinosaurs closely and in front of you. If you are an animal lover then London Aquarium and London Zoo are the recommended destinations for you. The London Dungeons and the Tower of London build for an enjoyment few hours. At Madame Tussauds, you can witness your favorite celebrities. You should move to east London to explore the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. If you want to fill your children’s day with fun then you should schedule a tour to Syon Park and Legoland.

What to do in London?
London is a cosmopolitan city. To explore it, you will have to either ride in a city taxi or take the double-decker bus. You can also explore the London city by walking. Apart from visiting number of historic sites, parks and museums, you will have several other things to do.
You can mix with the regal family or Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo DiCarprio, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the popular Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. If you are the biggest fan of the sports then you can meet Muhammad Ali, David Beckham and others. People always like to listen to music and if you are one of them then you can hang out with Britney Spears, Madonna and more. You will surely rock by this!
A tour to London is incomplete without any visit to Buckingham Palace, which is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. By visiting this place, you can view some astonishing artwork, which belongs to imperial collections. Just outside of this Palace, you can see a Mall where you will observe the daily changing of guard events. There is a gorgeous manicured garden surrounding the Mall and the Palace, where you can take rest if you feel tired.
London is also a good place for shoppers. You can do plenty of shopping in London. Harrods is the most popular and luxurious store where you can do most of the shopping. You will be happy to find everything in this store from beauty and fragrance to food and wine. To get different shopping experience, you must visit Camden Markets situated in the North West of London city. In Camden Markets, you can also experience the dressing of Goth clothing. While in London, you must also experience the vibrant night pubs. Once you are in London, you will just fall in love with this city.
Where to stay in London?

Traveling and visiting the interesting sites are not only the things that make your trips memorable but it also depends on the experience at the hotel or lodge you stayed in. You will find several places in London to lodge in but there are only few hotels, which can offer you with an unparalleled adventure.

City of London Skyline At Sunset

One of the best hotels in London is the Rookery hotel providing an accommodation with full of events and history. Rookery hotel is situated in the center of Clerkenwell and outskirts of London city. In this hotel, there are 33 rooms which are built from three Georgian mansions. The rooms of Rookery hotel have names of the popular people instead of numbers. You will feel like staying at a home or in a private club as you will hardly see any visitors staying in the hotel.
Sanderson hotel, which is regarded as a historical landmark, has a furnishing showroom known as Sanderson. There are 150 rooms in the hotel and all are full of different combinations using a traditional sophisticated designs and a feel of recent Salvador Dali Styles. The Sanderson hotel is planned in such a way that any tired visitor can revive with fun by just entering the hotel. The hotel consists of a Spa room for relaxing, Japanese garden and a Purple bar.

The hotels like Claridge, The Connaught, The Ritz and The Dorchester are on the top of the list for providing the accommodation in London. If you are planning for a long vacation in London then it is worth to stay in rental apartment. The budget can start from anywhere around 250 pounds per week and you will also get a kitchen so that you can cook your own food. You can also pick up the Piccadilly hotel, situated near Piccadilly Circus, which provides dormitory beds to sleep and available at the rate of 12 pounds per night including linen and breakfast.
Best places to eat in London

Although there are hundreds of restaurants in the city London, you should find the one that will appeal to your pockets and tastes.

St. Christopher’s Place – This is the place located to the north of Oxford Street. The restaurant has seating out on the lane and the place is very nice and enjoyable.

The Borough – The place is famous for its superb outdoor lunch on every Saturday. It is located at Borough Market. Two popular breakfast places of London, The Monmouth Coffee Shop and Maria’s Café, are located here. When the organic market is open, it is very busy then.

Brick Lane – It is famous for its curries and salt beef. It is recommended to stay there till late night to enjoy more.

Upper Street – It is popular for the number of restaurants over this area. If you reach there then you must look out for Turkish cuisine.

Hoxteth – It is famous for stylish clubs, restaurants and bars.

The world’s top chefs have built their bar and restaurants in Chiswick and Hammersmith. Whether your first choice is Oriental, Indian or Caribbean, you must experience the taste of Edgware Road’s Oriental city foodhall.

Petrus restaurant – It is located at Wilton Place and it is famous for French dishes. You will be lured to a popular house wine that comes for 15 pounds.

Locanda Locatelli – This restaurant is famous for its Italian food. The best thing is that you can have a dinner for just 30 Pounds and different wines for 20 pounds per bottle.

Nobu – This restaurant is found in old park lane. It is popular for its Japanese cuisine and many movie and pop stars hang around at this place.


History of London city

London is certainly a place of incongruity. Archaeologists have found Mesolithic aces and Paleolithic flints in different parts of London. In 43 AD, when the Romans marched into Britain, London was recognized as city of Londinium. In 61 AD, Londinium were destroyed by Boudica, who was a Queen of Iceni tribe.

In 100 AD, the city was renovated and developed into the provincial capital. It was also the administrative and commercial hub of Roman Britain. In 800 AD, the Danes have completely wiped out the Londinium. After that the city was growing steadily. Edward 3 has made the Westminster an imperial administrative center in 14th century.

During the middle ages, the black plague had heavily destroyed the city of London. The city was also affected by cholera in 19th century. The outburst of Industrial Revolution results in the beginning of urbanization. London’s population grew heavily after the 19th century. The city London came into shape after the world war in 20th century where hundreds of people killed in the tragedy.

London Wall was built for defending the city at the times of Romans reign. You will find some parts of the wall still standing. White Tower is the most well-known sight in London where one can see lots of vantage points outside. However, the history of White Tower is slightly gory at those times. Around 500 years ago, Anne Boleyn was beheaded at the same place. Lots of visitors believe that they saw the ghost of her, which was drifting around the Tower.

Today, London is one of the best and important visiting places in the world. It is bounded with numerous cultures living in peace.

Transport in London

Transport in London

Here, you will find some handy tips for traveling around London. The cheapest and simplest method for traveling is to buy an oyster card or a prepaid ticket. You can find the both at the ticket booths and the Newsagents. An oyster card is recommended because it can be used in buses and tube. You can travel around London by using following transport facilities:

Bus – Traveling around London through bus services offers a simple way of transportation.

Train – You can also travel around London by train, which connects many areas that are not served by the Tube.

River – You can enjoy the beauty and attractions of London city through a range of riverboats, which serve several points and special cruises.

Taxi – In London, you can hire back cabs for traveling around the city. If you want to hire a taxi then simply raise your arm when the yellow light on top of the windscreen is on.

Air – Heathrow is the active airport in London and is always busy. People from different parts of the world are plying to and fro from this airport.

If you think to travel around the city by car then it is not a good idea. This is because the traffic is horrible during peak hours. So the sightseeing in London will become very irritating and time-consuming. You can take the help of public transport, which is very suitable for exploring the city. If you have an access to an internet then you can verify your routes and trip.
Traveling and Health Tips

People from all over the world become busy in making reservation to their holiday destination, accommodation, searching for good offers and vacation packages to meet their wishes. But they forget the most important thing and that is insurance. Insurance coverage plays an important role when you are on a tour. Many travelers ignore it as they think there is nothing to worry about. But it is recommended to have a traveling insurance during a tour period.

Calamity can occur at any time during the tour. You would be enjoying the attractions of the city but at the same time, you may suffer from insect bites, changes in drinking water and eating food, flu, and food poisoning. So you must be very careful while traveling to make your holidays happier and healthier. You should drink plenty of water while traveling in order to prevent dehydration. You should avoid drinking coffee or alcohol in the buses or trains if you are on a long drive. You should avoid touching your face, mainly your eyes, during traveling.

Travelers may face a problem from digestive disturbances. You can keep magnesium capsules while traveling. The other health problem is due to the bacteria called Salmonella or E Coli. These bacteria may cause loose motion. For precaution, you can take the fine quality product of Natrol, Natren etc. Do not spend much of your holidays running for bathroom. When you are on a tour, you should not sleep during the day time at your destination place. You can take melatonin at bed time.




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