A Travel Guide to Conwy, Wales, United Kingdom

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With the picturesque forested regions of Snowdonia providing the perfect backdrop, Conwy in Wales is certain a travel destination that won’t be forgotten about twenty years later. This old city can boast a stunning location, vibrant nightlife and various cultural attractions scattered throughout its ancient walls. These walls hold within its grasp a city that is proud of both its Medieval and Victorian period history whilst still embracing all modern conveniences.

Consult your travel guide to Conwy. Although you can see everything worth visiting in a day, it is best to stay a bit longer to thoroughly enjoy what it has to offer.

Conwy Suspension Bridge


The Conwy Suspension Bridge looks as though it stretches for miles and it’s not far off. Attached to the walls of Conwy Castle, it extends across the River Conwy. It was built in 1826 by Thomas Telford and is now looked after by the National Trust. You can across the bridge by foot and by watching the boats sail by, you are rewarded with fantastic views and photo shoots.

Conwy Castle


Conwy Castle became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Wales. Built by Edward I, it became part of the monarch’s Iron Ring of fortresses due to its solid construction and its strategic positioning at the mouth of the bay. It took 1500 men five years to build. Although it may not look as well defended than his other castles, James of St George (the architect) designed it with eight dominating towers set in a rectangular form around two wards which were separated themselves via a drawbridge and a portcullis. Not only this, the castle’s formidable atmosphere was further enhanced by a series of turrets across four towers on the eastern side, now the sanctuary to a large flock of crows.

Exploring the many passages and rooms will take you on a fascinating journey through medieval life in a castle. The 130 meter long Great Hall will conjure up images of fantastic banquets and dances, whereas the King’s Apartments will arouse your imagination with the duties of royal life. Unlike the other rooms in the castle, the Chapel Tower is the only room to retain its roof. There is a small museum on the ground floor where you can explore medieval religious life before venturing off for another exploration within the castle grounds.

Bodnant Garden

Bodnant Garden is another place which deserves its reputation in guide books. Conwy’s tourism trade sees thousands of visitors flocking to its gates each year. In May and June, the Laburnum Arch just explodes in a burst of colour and fragrance when the millions of rhododendrons and other flowers bloom. Although Bodnant Hall is not open to the public, the finest formal gardens in the United Kingdom have been admired for many years. The gardens are divided into two areas – to the southwest is a beautiful terraced garden, a perfect picture of a wild garden, and with the sun setting over the Carneddau range, a romantic spot for lovers.

Aberconwy House


For a taste of medieval life and grandeur, visit Aberconwy House. This magnificent 14th century building was once the home to a former wealthy merchant during the medieval period. One reason why people are so amazed by this home is the fact that it has managed to survive the test of time, weather, Victorian modifications and even several fires.

Plas Mawr


Whilst Conwy is well known for its beautiful buildings, there is nowhere else more beautiful than Plas Mawr. Constructed in the Dutch architectural style, this magnificent Elizabethan mansion was designed for Robert Wynn. What makes this house so impressive is that it was built for the first native welsh person permitted to dwell in this wonderful city. You are taken on an exhilarating tour of the home which includes a fascinating presentation of how the people saw and treated illnesses and disease in the Tudor and Stuart periods, which actually mages to be bloody and gloriously fun and enlightening.

Restaurants in Conwy feature a variety of menus and cuisines. You will find everything under the sun including pan European meals, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and American eateries. A traditional fish and chip supper is something to be thoroughly enjoyed in Conwy. For a taste of authentic Conwy, enjoy a superb pub dinner in one of the many public houses scattered throughout the town.

You will discover many hotels in Conwy, including a good selection of B&B’s, guesthouses, family friendly accommodation and several grand luxury hotels for those whose budget stretches to their high prices.

Conwy is a beautiful city, a place where history can be enjoyed just simply walking around its streets. With its many cultural attractions, vibrant nightlife and wonderful restaurants, you will enjoy the many things to do in Conwy.



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