Transforming Washing Machine Industry

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We wash our clothes by putting dirty clothes in washing machine, who would have thought that such a washing machine can come into existence, which can be placed inside the basket of dirty clothes, to clean them. The idea seems like a blabbering of an insane individual or we can say that every new idea is initially considered as a cry of insanity.  If you are not shocked then you must have been amazed to know that concept of such washing machine has actually been presented.

A student,Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar of Colombia Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana,  has given an idea of a washing which will take all the pains of people for washing clothes i.e putting dirty clothes, washing powder and water in washing machine.This idea was presented in the competition conduct by Electrolux design lab. Electrolux encourages the individuals to present future designs, which can transform the course of a field. Electrolux is technology group that provides most modern solution to make the tasks, at home, easier. Its design lab presents most recent ideas in the field.

Transforming Washing Machine Industry

Transforming Washing Machine Industry

This washing machine is a metal sphere, which will have container for water, surface pores, dirt sensors and controls. In this washing machine one has to put only a small amount of water in it. When this metallic sphere is put in dirty clothes; the pores, in the metallic balls, expels very small statically charged particles of steam, generated by the water in the ball. Initially, the rotatory movements of the ball, which are caused by the generation of pulsation and vibrations in the ball, will start scouring and rubbing the dirty clothes. This scrubbing will loosen the dirt particles from the surface of the clothes. The dirt magnet mode of the machine will turn the ball into a magnet; the ball will produce an electrostatic charge and will attract the dirt particles, towards the metallic ball’s center. The clothes which become damp, due to steam, are dried by the hot air generated by the metallic ball.

The busier lifestyle and the need of the people for technically sound homes compel them to select the appliances that can save their time and helps them to live life comfortably. Apart from this, the resources of the planet Earth are being utilized at a very fast rate and the energy crisis is affecting every field of life. Water is also becoming a rare commodity now days. In such environment, Luna Washing machine serves as an appealing design for future. It will not only saves the people from the labor of washing and drying clothes, save the space from large washing machines or laundry setups, reduce the cost of washing powders; but also, will reduce the requirement of water and energy, required for washing clothes, if it is done traditionally.

This is actually a concept, but a really appealing one. The concepts like these will help the people to go for greener planet. If this concept is implemented then concepts like these will take us to an automated, efficient and organized lifestyle. This concept can help us to reach the aim of proficient and easier lives and homes.


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