Top Five Ways to Meet New People

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Meeting new people gets harder each year we get older. When we were young it was easy to make friends because of school. Once school ends and we start to work, we are forced to like the people we work with, keep the friends we had from school, or sit home alone. These suggestions can help open up new doors for you to meet new people whether you want to replace the friends you have or just add some new ones.friends

1. Exercise out of the house. One way to meet new people is to join a local gym. The gym is a great place to meet people that also share your healthy lifestyle and it is an excellent replacement location for the bar you used to meet people at when you were younger. If you can’t afford a gym membership (or simply don’t want one), try taking regular strolls in the park. Find out what the busiest times are at the park and be sure to visit daily. In addition to having the opportunity to meet new people you’ll also be getting some fresh air and exercise.

2. Join a group. Joining a group of like-minded people can be the perfect way to automatically have something in common with the new people you’ll meet. One great place to get started is This website offers many different types of groups that are listed by distance from your zip code. Most groups are open and friendly and take new members that ask to be let in. The groups meet anywhere from weekly to monthly to get together and discuss the topic. Topics range from religious beliefs to writing.

3. Go shopping. The next time you go to the grocery store take a look around you. You’ll likely find people that are similar to you since you both are shopping at the same time of day. For example, stay at home moms and housewives will often shop during the day while others are at work, so right off the bat if you fit this category you will have this in common. Shopping at the mall can also result in friendships if you are open and conversational. Talking to others in your favorite store gives you something to talk about and also something in common. Being friendly with the employees at your favorite store is also a possibility to meet new people.

4. Get a new job. If you don’t seem to like the people you work with, you may be in the wrong place. Consider switching jobs or careers if this is the case. Taking this exciting risk can be invigorating and lead to many new possibilities for you that were otherwise not there. Working in an environment that is negative and unhappy can create a sense of unhappiness and unfulfillment, so this suggestion should be given some serious consideration if you find that you don’t fit in at the office or workplace. If you don’t have a job, consider getting something small to get out of the house. Choose a job that suits your interests and don’t focus on the pay to truly find the right place.

5. Be open. Above all else, keep an open mind and open heart. You never know when or where you can meet new people if you have an open mind. A smile can turn into a conversation, a conversation into a friendship or a relationship. If you choose to instead put your head down and look away instead of smiling and saying hello you could be sabotaging yourself. Being open also means not judging based on appearances or other superficial characteristics. Even if someone seems like they are not your type be open to starting a conversation if you truly want to meet new people. You never know what it might lead to.

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