Top 5 Street Foods Indians love the most!!

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Indians are known for loving spicy food. Although some places might be famous for a particular food item, you can get them almost anywhere. Just go to any street vendor and get the spice of India. Seems that spicy food is in the soil of India. What else do you want when you get quality, spicy and delicious food at affordable rates? You can name a lot of them. But here are 5 street food items that make you go mad.

1. Panipuri: Whether you call it Golgappa, Gupchup, phuchka or bataashe – you get the the same spicy Panipuris. The crispy Puri is filled with a mixture of boiled potatoes and grams. Spices are added to flourish the taste. The Pani is what fills the rest. People just love it. They don’t forget to ask for extra Puri after eating it.

2. Chole Bhature: A combo of yummy Chole Bhature and Punjabi Lassi would just make you go mad. Onion slices and pickle is also served often with it. Chole is the Hindi word for Gram while Bhature is a variant of Indian bread. Chole is rich in protein. It is normally taken as breakfast.


3. VadaPav: Vadapav is a famous fast food dish from Mumbai. The Vada usually made from crushed potatoes is sandwiched between Pav. It is then fried in oil or butter and chilli powder is applied over it. It is usually served with chutney or sauce. Fried chillies also taste good with it. Add cheese to it and you get a better taste.

4. Idli Sambar: Idli Sambhar is the traditional cuisine of South India. South Indians consume Idlis daily in their breakfast. Idli batter is usually prepared from rice. They are served hot with coconut chutney and sambar. A plate of Idli Sambar with Vada is just mouth watering.



5. Aloo Tikki: Last in our list, but definitely not the least – that is Aloo Tikki. It is a North Indian breakfast cuisine made of potatoes and spices. “Aloo” is a Hindi translation of potato while Tikki resembles to croquette. You won’t find a single Chaat vendor in Delhi, not offering Aloo Tikki. A mixture of boiled potatoes and other spices are fried to form Tikki or cutlet which forms the base. It is usually served hot along with coriander green chutney and sweet chutney.

All of this street foods are available in many variants. For example, Panipuri vendors also offer Sevpuri, Dahipuri etc. The Vadapav often comes as Cheese Vadapav, Masala Vadapav etc. Food Items like Ragda and Chaat can be prepared from Aloo Tikki. I’m sure that your mouth will be full of water after reading it as is mine.


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