Top 13 Pc Video Games of 2015

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The past few months have been very interesting when it comes to video game releases, because multiple AAA titles have seen the light of day, many of which managed to become quite a hit. Unfortunately, there were a few disappointments as well, but in the end this is to be expected, as gaming is an industry like others, so you are bound to find disappointments from time to time. In this article, however, we are going to focus on the best video game releases of the past few months and how much they have influenced us, gamers!

Sims 4

This might not be the most interesting game released recently, but with so many simulation fans out there it quickly became a best seller. Sims 4 has it all, from great person simulation to a new personality system that makes things more exciting.


Destiny is the newest game from the Halo developers and it’s one of the most widely played right now on consoles. It has everything, from raids to clan wars and a neat singleplayer.

Wasteland 2

It took only 20 years, but Wasteland finally got a sequel and this one quickly became one of the best, eeriest RPGs of the year. The post apocalyptic atmosphere is very interesting and well worth it in this title.

Forza Horizon 2

The new inception of Forza brought everything from new tracks to a whole new physics engine and a lot of variety in the experience!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This game was the surprise of 2014 because it combined features from Batman and Assassin’s Creed games into a seamless, whole new and exciting experience.

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is the game that managed to bring new life into the Alien series, one that has been long lost in video gaming. Thankfully, we now have the opportunity to live the tension and excitement of being stranded on a space station.


Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Rogue

With 2 games in the series released in 2014, Ubisoftmanaged to provide a lot of exciting moments, and a ton of interesting gameplay moments. Thankfully, despite the launch problems that Unity had, the series is still going strong and with the Victorian setting teased for 2015, we’re pretty stoked with these releases.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

We already know that there’s no year without a COD, so we might as well try to embrace it. The series has gone to the future, and it manages to bring new life into a long lasting formula.

Far Cry 4

Instead of a tropical island, we can now explore Kyrat, a Himalayan inspired region filled with interesting opportunities as well as a similar gameplay that you are bound to like!

The Talos Principle

Created by Croteam, the Serious Sam developers, this game has an interesting approach towards the whole puzzle game mechanics. It’s an exciting new take on the Portal formula, one that you are going to like for sure.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Gat out of Hell is a standalone expansion that manages to take the Saints to hell as they try to rescue their leader. It’s a fun new experience, despite being a short one.

Dying Light

If you were itching some zombie killing action, then this game can offer you that and much more. With some parkour elements and a wide range of interesting mechanics, this is an action packed title that’s well worth checking.

Heroes of Might & Magic III: HD Edition

For the first time in more than 10 years, we can now play one of the best TBS games of all times in HD. Let’s face it, this Is by far one of the most interesting and exciting games out there, so you will like it for sure.

These are some of the best video games that were released recently. As you can see, there’s a lot of variety to be had with these games, both through genre and scope, so if you want to check out some new and exciting experiences, then these are the games you should try!

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