Top 10 Super Cars

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Sports car enthusiasts pay heavy amounts to customize their vehicles so they outperform other vehicles and withstand tests of speed and vigilance. Here’s a top ten list of these wonders:

1)   Bugatti Veyron SS Super Sport cars

 Bugatti Veyron SS Super Sport

This bad boy was deemed the fastest car of its time by the Guinness book of world records. Being a project of the infamous Volkswagen Group, it comes with an 8L quad turbocharged W16 cylinder engine, which in itself is impressive.

2)   McLaren 650S cars

 McLaren 650S

This is a classic example of a tweaked up supercar, where improvising has come over a period of time to produce a better performing vehicle. It’s one of the more user-friendly options out there, but don’t be fooled as this baby can out race a Ferrari 458. How is that for super speed? Its twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8 engine is no child’s play.


3)   Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 cars



The corvette ZR1 is definitely a supercar where you get your money’s worth. In terms of quality performance, this car outdoes its competitors, which are priced at double or triple its cost. This car is a success due to its power and versatility.

4)   Zenvo ST1 cars

 Zenvo ST1

Only three units per year of this super car are produced in Denmark, famous for its super speed automobiles. It runs upto 374km/h, which is more or less like flying on land. This one is definitely one for those who love the thrill of impeccable speed!

5)   Koenigsegg Agera R 2013 cars

 Koenigsegg Agera R 2013

Known for their production of some of the finest super cars ever made, Koenigseggs, have outdone themselves with this speedy automobile. Their endless pursuit for perfection is evident with this creation, and they have come pretty close.

6)   Pagani Huayra cars

 Pagani Huayra

The name of this supercar literally translates into ‘God of the Winds’ due to its jaw dropping speed and performance. It gives off a futuristic vibe with its gull-wing doors, and contemporary physical features. Car enthusiasts swoon at the site of this supercar.

7)   Dodge Viper cars

Dodge Viper

This supercar is known for its good handling due to its lightweight; another example of a tweaked up older model with better than ever performance skills.

8)   Gumpert Apollo cars

Gumpert Apollo

Named after its engineer, Rolan Gumpert, the Gumpert Apollo is essentially a racecar for the streets! Close attention to detail was paid in terms of speed and grip control. Not only does it perform well, but it looks good too, screaming luxury with its suede and leather interior.

9)   Audi R8 V10 cars



Another supercar, that is suitable for everyday use, but with a twist. Its speed brings destinations closer together, saving time and energy.

10) BAC Mono cars

BAC Mono

This car was a collaboration project between engineers of multiple companies such as Hewland and Cosworth. As suggested by its name, it seats only one passenger and is lightweight, which helps its zoom on the streets with much ease.


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