Top 10 Countries for Holidays

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Whenever you plan on taking weeks off to yourself make sure to add these countries to your list of vacation. So bellow are the Top 10 Countries for Holidays, hope you all like this post. Don’t forget to comment if I missed something. Thanks for visiting.

  1. Turkey


The European Muslim country has a lot to offer. Mardin City is home to Turkey’s sandstone building steeping down the hill, a mesmerizing sight to eyes used to industrialization.

  1. Spain


Madrid, Seville, San Sebastian, where to begin. Start with the Valencia that is famous for the most beautiful and extinguishing architectural masterpiece, Fallas Festival and the City of Arts and Sciences.

  1. France


Bonjour your way into the beautiful France by land marking these cities, but begin with Nice. Nice is a city in Spain and will take your breath away with the Mediterranean ocean view. And let’s not forget Paris, The Eiffel Tower.

  1. Egypt


Did Cairo pop up in your head? Well, the pyramids aren’t the only sight in Egypt. Visit Abu Simbel, Siwa Oases for other sand masterpieces.

  1. Australia


Which one first, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast or Melbourne? We suggest Fraser Island, not only water but nature’s beauty to soothe your city nerves.

  1. Italy


Pizza is always at your door step so when you plan on visiting Italy, without any doubt, go sightseeing in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and the entire Italy. Don’t miss out on anything.

  1. New Zealand                                                             


Wondering what New Zealand is famous for? It’s the huge Christchurch in The Garden City. Water isn’t the only thing this island has to offer. Visit Tongariro National Park which home to three active volcanoes!

  1. Great Britain


Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, House of Parliament, The London Eye, Tower Bridge; The United Kingdom is home to all the royal beauties. Also, say hello to the Queen.

  1. Croatia


Where is Croatia, you ask? It’s a neighbor of Serbia. The capital, Zagreb is famous for the architecture in its old city buildings and streets. Do go to Dubrovnik and visit all the sights the city has to offer; View of the Old City, Rector’s Palace and more.

  1. Thailand


With Thailand’s beaches, islands and places like Khao Sok National Park, your tour is bound to leave an everlasting effect.


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