Top 10 Bollywood beauties with dusky skin tone

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The idea of beauty for majority of people in India is partial to fair skin.  Bollywood is not unusual and fair skin does play an important role in conventional cinema.

Dusky look is more acceptable to audience as it’s not about the complexion, the look somehow makes the actress look mysterious, real and achievable. As too much fairness is unusual to Indian culture, audience find fair complexion plastic and inaccessible. Moreover actresses nowadays are comfortable in their skin and thus exude sensuality. In the age of experimentation and reality, actresses who look real have more demands rather than fair complexioned.

#1 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one of the top actresses of Bollywood along with Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. She continues to bag plum projects and delivers what is expected of her each time with her solid performances.

Not only did Priyanka Chopra establish the aura of her beauty by winning the coveted Miss World title, this dusky beauty falls in the group of the top notch actresses of Bollywood alongside faces like Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor. She has also established herself as a dreadful actor and not just a pretty face. Though she has mentioned in some of her previous interviews that there were directors who didn’t cast in films only because of her skin color, she has never let that break her spirit and has been the reigning queen of Bollywood for a long time!BMD1258963

#2 Deepika Padukone

Great features, even better body and the best shade of dusky skin tone. What else could she ask for? This damsel is ultra sexy and she knows it. Deepika can pull off any kind of outfit be it desi or western with that skin tone of hers and make it look ultra glam! This lady gets thumbs up for her gorgeous dusky skin from us!BMD12587444

#3 Bipasha Basu

Her body is enough to leave us awe-struck, added to that is a dark skin tone. In fact she loves her skin tone and is so passionate with it that she actually gets her make up two tones darker than her actually color. Now that’s something really stirring, so all the dusky ladies out there, you have got your role model, haven’t you?BMD125896334

#4 Kajol

From the very start of her career, Kajol was never painstaking beautiful. She was, however, people’s favorite actress since she was an remarkable performer. Also, her eyes were unquestionably beautiful and mesmerizing which won a large number of admirers.BMD125899666


#5 Lara Dutta

She wouldn’t be crowned Miss World, if she wasn’t gorgeous and she wouldn’t be so loved if it wasn’t for her color. She is so different looking. Not like the regular, large eyes, thin lips, sharp nose beauty. She is unconventionally and duskily beautiful! Adjectives fall short when we talk about her.BMD45558844


#6 Malaika Arora-Khan

Malaika is another woman who has won a million admirers due to her sensuousness. Her appearances in selective item numbers are guaranteed chartbusters. Her near-perfect body is a constant source of envy for other women and the decisive object of desire for men.



#7 Chitrangada Singh

She is also gorgeous,.She is just so gorgeous! 37 and a mom and still so drop dead gorgeous! How? A lot of her beauty is attributed to her skin tone, honey colored skin that compliments her features perfectly! She may not have a very enviable career graph but who cares when it is Chitrangada Singh? She leaves us mesmerized each and every time! We love you Chitrangada!BMD125444778

#8 Konkona Sen

Konkona Sen has created a position for herself as one of the most talented heroines, not just in the Hindi film industry but in the whole country. Her earthy beauty is a thing of gigantic regard and pleasure and is what sets her apart from the others.



#9 Rani Mukerji

This Bong babe is considered to be one of the best actresses around. Her appeal lies in her unconstrained performances in films and her passion for acting. Her talent is just unfeasible to miss and is, definitely, her strongest factor.BMD1478885555


#10 Sushmita Sen

Ex-Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen has all the elements that a woman wishes to possess and men desire in their girl. She is intellectual, bold, charming and always speaks her mind. She is a unafraid woman who lives life to the fullest and we should learn this from her.BMD4589635554


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