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So you want to get the most out of that nice Android smartphone you bought, but with more than 1.2 million apps on Google Play, it can be a tough choice to narrow them down. Here are some of the top selling and best-rated apps to add to your arsenal. Bellow are the list of  Top 10 Android Apps read and choose your favorite in the comment box. Thank you for visiting.


10. Snapchat

Top 10 Android Apps-Snapchat

This app is like the fast food version of social media. You get to send and receive pictures and videos that can only be opened once by your friends. You can also add a snap chronicling your day to your story for all of your friends to view as you look at theirs. Easy to use and a great way to stay in touch with fellow app owners.


Rating: 8/10


9. Clash of Clans

Top 10 Android Apps clashofclans.jpg

This game is strategy building at its finest. Once you’ve built up your initial plan you’ll never want to stop upgrading, exploring, and conquering other players with the phenomenal online capabilities. A great way for you and all your friends to wage war against each other.


Rating: 8.3/10


8. Netflix

Top 10 Android Apps netflix1

As Android screens get bigger and higher definition with each passing year, the Netflix app has boomed in popularity. If you have a subscription to the streaming service you can access their library of movies and TV shows anywhere you have an internet connection. The mobile version has improved a lot with recent updates and is very user friendly.


Rating: 8.4/10


7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Top 10 Android Apps Super-Bright-LED-Flashlight-screenshot1

This is a super handy app that turns the flash of your camera into a portable flashlight. You can switch on a strobing mode that blinks in flashes at different speeds or simply have a stream of bright light whenever you need it. Convenient on many occasions, you’ll probably use this more than you would think!


Rating: 8.6/10


6. Pandora

Top 10 Android Apps Pandora

For anybody looking to get their music fix Pandora is a must have. Their stations match together genres and artists brilliantly to help you break free from the restrictions of your music library. It’s one of the most popular internet radio services around and still completely free. You can upgrade for a commercial free experience and unlimited skips.




5. SoundCloud

Top 10 Android Apps

This app seems to be the most worthy competitor of Pandora for providing music. Artists both big and independent put their music directly onto the sites unique player for a commercial free listen at no cost. You can even download some songs directly to your phone if the artist allows it. Definitely a solid choice if you’re looking to broaden your musical horizon.


Rating: 8.8/10


4. Vine

Top 10 Android Apps vine

It didn’t take society long to fall in love with the short style of Vine videos. On the app you’ll find celebrities, jokesters, athletes, and plenty of other characters posting short videos of random stuff. You can even get in on the fun with your own carefully choreographed videos and watch your followers grow.


Rating: 9/10


3. Amazon

Top 10 Android Apps Amazon

Amazon is quickly becoming the go to place for online shoppers. Brands deal directly with them allowing them to sell you products at the lowest price. The mobile app is a very common addition to an Android and allows you to download software and media directly to your device. You can also track and manage your orders from the palm of your hand.


Rating: 9/10


2. Facebook

Top 10 Android Apps facebook-messenger-android-sept-2012

The social media giant has put a ton of time and effort into improving their mobile capabilities. Now using your smartphone to stay in touch with social media is incredibly easy. The news feed feature fits the screen perfectly and loads with unparalleled speeds. Every message sent to your account will quickly pop up in your notifications.


Rating: 9.4/10


1. Plants vs. Zombies

Top 10 Android Apps - plants vs zombies

There aren’t many strategy defense games that can match the originality and addictiveness of Plants vs. Zombies. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new plants to keep up with the growing strength of a zombie horde. If the replay ability of the career mode doesn’t keep you busy, the bonus games will.


Rating: 9.6/10




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