Tips For A Great Wheelchair Accessible Travel Around Venice

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Venice is one of the oldest cities around the world and was built much before the notion of ‘equal access’ came into existence. Beautiful as it is, it attracts hordes of tourists round the year. The only problem is that the city boasts of having many bridges that require you to climb and get down steps in plenty. While to you this might not seem like a daunting task, for a disabled person touring Venice, perhaps nothing could be more difficult.


However, the good news is that even the disabled can feast their eyes on the beauty of Venice via wheelchair, if they know how to. Here, are some few wheelchair accessible travel tips that will enable the disabled to have a gala time in city of rivers.


Buy the vaparetto tickets

Vaparetto tickets are as good as a must in Venice for the disabled, as they will help them avoid the many bridges dotting the city. Many tourists prefer to buy the vaparetto pass as this makes their touring smoother. However, the disabled would be better off buying the one-way tickets as with these, they can avail of discounts for themselves and the one accompanying them. Also, note that to get around Venice, you can either move around in vaparetto water taxis or the boats. But it is the latter that are a cheaper option.



Using the vaparetto boats

For the disabled there are certain specific tips for using the vaparetto boats while travelling around Venice-

-Since these boats are of the low floating kind, with docks being as much as a foot higher, use them when they are the least crowded i.e. early morning and late nights.

-Be the first one to get on and the last to get off, to avoid the disadvantage the height difference between the boat and dock presents.

-Ideally, use a boat that comes with a wheelchair lift.

-Ensure that the hotel is near a popular boat route.



Choose the large accessible neighborhoods

This will help save on the number of times the disabled will need to get mobile for umpteen shopping and eating trips. With the large accessible neighborhoods, the disabled can find what they need at a stone’s throw.


Finally, for getting on and off the train in Venice, the disabled must arrange for the assistance beforehand at the station. They can request the staff to arrange for a wheelchair lift as and when needed.


By following these few tips, the disabled can have a pleasant journey around Venice, regardless of their physical disability.




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