Tips for Celebrating Your Anniversary in Las Vegas

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Your Anniversary has arrived and you are spending it in Las Vegas. The Lake Mead & Hoover Dam trip is a must see. You will take a tour bus and see the Hoover Dam; afterwards you will take a Paddle Wheeler for 90 minutes and tour the lovely Lake Mead. If that is not activity enough a tour of the Grand Canyon awaits. The Grand Canyon by helicopter is memorable. Taking a tour of the Las Vegas Strip is a must do. Getting out in the evening in your loveliest attire and seeing a romantic show along the strip makes you feel all the more special. Shopping at the various specialty shops is always nice. Getting dinner at the Stratosphere with its one of a kind view overlooking the city of Las Vegas is like a glass of fine wine to top off your whirlwind of a day.


We cannot forget the gaming tables. The Casino’s and the glittering lights they shine for miles. They are the lights of Las Vegas. The Roulette Tables, Poker Tables, the bells of the slot machine, all are there for your enjoyment. Vegas is a place where you will find the highly sophisticated or the plain, but it is all Vegas. If it should be your pleasure to romantically do your vows of love all over again Las Vegas has that to offer. Wedding Chapels are one of the signatures of Las Vegas. The arrangements for a renewal of wedding vows can be made so easily. In Las Vegas it is a simple request.



A Las Vegas Anniversary is jeans and sneakers or white gloves and tails. It is the finer things in life or the best you can do all rolled into one unique canvas. You can choose to be casual or incredibly gorgeous it all works in Vegas. Your Anniversary is a dream turned into a reality like Vegas itself. What better place to celebrate your Anniversary than in a city that is a continuous celebration.


Las Vegas is romance and excitement; it all blends like the desert itself. The pool side is beautiful, your suite is gorgeous. You are sitting by the pool while you ponder the idea of a Spa visit. You are getting impeccable service along with fabulous scenery. This is not a day dream. This is Las Vegas. Now, just sit back and enjoy your ANNIVERSARY.


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