Timeless Travel Tips for Stress free Travel

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Given a chance, we would all want to take off to new destinations, but there are innumerable compulsions which come in the way of our dreams. Not only that, even among those who do manage to travel around quite a bit, there is often a lot of trepidation that is involved.

So how do we ease this discomfort, and begin traveling stress free? Let us look at some useful tips below.

Timeless Travel Tips for Stress free Travel

Travel adequately (but not overly) Prepared

While traveling, always ensure that you are adequately prepared. For instance, visas for the intended destination (when traveling abroad to places where visas are essential to enter) must obviously be in place beforehand.

Travel adequately (but not overly) Prepared

Likewise, in most places, cash invariably is king so do carry adequate cash with you, irrespective of the cards or travelers checks that you may have.

These are just two instances – while traveling, there are often many such details that you need to keep in mind.

At the same time, do not over plan; this will only lead to stress since things may not fall into place as precisely as you may have planned. Instead, let things fall into place and go with the flow as you travel – you will enjoy such an experience much more.

So the point we are making is that plan for the essentials without getting into too many nitty-gritty’s for a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

Travel Light

The more destinations you intend to cover, especially when you need to frequently change the mode of travel as well as the place of stay, the more earnestly it is recommended that you travel light. Remember that the more you pack in, the more cumbersome it will be for you to travel around with ease.

travel light

Tip – In tropical destinations especially, light cottons are always the most desirable attire, so pack in few of them without too many additional frills. Also, watch your shopping whenever you travel to a lot of destinations – remember you will have to lug around all that you shop!

Blend in

When in Rome, be a Roman…this adage couldn’t have been truer in the travel sense. Always try to blend in wherever you go; learn local customs and traditions; try and pick up at least a few keywords / phrases of the local language…these initiatives on your part will certainly go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your travel experience that much more.

Likewise, when it comes to dressing and behaving in a certain manner which is in line with local expectations and norms, try not to stand out – you will always find it much easier if you blend in and adopt the local customs and values that are prevalent.


This includes food as well – it is not for nothing that they say – the way to a person’s heart is through his (or her!) stomach! As you try local cuisines, you will find that folks in these parts will be more acceptable to you, and you will in turn have a culinary experience you may not have had before!

Smile more – and often!

Remember that irrespective of racial and cultural differences around the world, certain basic human emotions of joy and happiness (especially) are undoubtedly universal. Accordingly, it is important that you remain your cheerful self at all times, without being grumpy or looking to pick a fight or start an argument; the more pleasantries you exchange, the more likely that you will take back enchanting memories with you that will last a lifetime!



No matter where you travel, the timeless travel tips as enlisted above will certainly go a long way in ensuring that you have a stress free wanderlust experience!




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