So your thinking of adopting a Guinea Pig?

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Guinea pigs can make a great pet, a little animal friend that will love you for as long as you love
him/her. Before you decide that you want to adopt a cute cuddly guinea pig friend, you have to keep in
consideration of the time and money that you can allow to put into the care of your new friend. There
are certain things you need to know before you bring home your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are usually small animals and very handleable. At first when you handle them, they may be a little fidgety but will warm up to you once they grow to trust you, then they won’t be so nervous.
They need love and attention everyday, and that means they want it from YOU. They are usually very sociable animals and will become very playful when given the proper care and interaction. But they can get stressed easily.cute_guinea_pigs____by_celsycake-d4u4bkz

They are typically nervous animals and need to have some quiet in their routine and playtime. Even if you get a pair of guinea pigs, they still need loving care and handling from you. If your going to be spending a lot of time away from home, a guinea pig probably wouldn’t be a good choice of pet for you.

Guinea pigs like to eat a variety of different foods, and they need calcium and vitamin C in their diets.
They love fresh vegetables and lots of greens to keep them healthy and happy. They especially like
spinach and romaine lettuce. Also included in their diets is hay, but be careful not to feed them to much because they can get diarrhea. The best type of hay to give them is Timothy Hay, cause they LOVE it.

So keep these things in mind when you go to adopt your furry friend. Think of your lifestyle and how
much time and money you can spend on him/her everyday. With all the important facts here, you can
be confident that the right pet for you is a guinea pig and enjoy making a new friend.

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