Things to consider while you travel with your pet

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Making short trips often and taking a vacation is good. They can be real fun, if your family and friends are with you. They can be more enjoyable, if your pet can also travel with you. But some dogs and puppies might be averse to commuting very long distances without breaks. They can become anxious, unpredictable and act weird.  So, if you do want to take them on a vacation, there are some important things you need to consider.

Carry food, water and safety accessories

Pack a separate back pack for the pet dog or cat. Try and carry all the food supplies you think he will need for the entire trip. Pack the bowls, his toys, grooming accessories, medication, bedding etc. Carry a first aid kit, gloves, mild pet sedatives and his favorite blanket without fail.


The pets can become very uneasy during the travel. If, in a car they might attempt to jump out. Make sure, that they are not next to the driver. Fix the harness on their mid-body and fasten it to the seat belt. This will give them some mobility and also safeguard them from sudden movement and jerks. They can also suffer from motion sickness. Get your Vet to prescribe medication before you take the trip. You can also keep him busy with his pet toy or bone. Taking him for long drives locally prior to the actual vacation, will also help, as he might learn, what to expect.


One person should exclusively take care of the pet during the car trip. The pet should not be allowed to keep his head out of the car window, while travelling as he might get hurt by the flying debris. The outside weather and dust might affect his face, nose and eyes.

Feed him his favorite food but in lesser quantities, but ensure that he has enough water. Take more frequent stops than you otherwise would, so that he can get down stroll, relieve himself and generally unwind. Cuddle and hug him as you would, at home during the breaks so that he feels reassured. If you plan to pass through any infested regions, carry his tick and flea powders and sprays.


Never ever leave the pet alone in the vehicle. He should wear a color with your contact details as you do not want to lose your precious pet.  Now microchips are available, which can be implanted in the pet. This has a unique identification number and in case the pet goes missing, it can be tracked down easily.


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