Is Technology Taking Over?

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It is hard to believe that not too long ago we did not even think it was possible to have a hover car, power our homes with the sun or even imagine the possibilities that a simple tiny yet powerful cell phone can hold. As our population continues to better our lives with the use of technology, our minds are beginning to open up and think that the impossible is possible.


We are all connected. There are billions of users with access to the internet via their cell phone, computers and other handheld or head wearing devices. It’s extremely easy to access all types of information and connect with anyone in an instant. Home and work continue to blend into each other and work from home opportunities are even more popular than ever.

Is Technology Taking Over?

Is Technology Taking Over?

Social media has allowed us to get a close in depth look at where we go, who we talk to and what types of things we are interested in. Problems and stories that would have never been known are posted on Twitter and Facebook and shared with billions of users in a matter of minutes.


Everything is streamlined.Our phones can stream music and pictures to our computers and our cars. Our phones can also help us change the brightness of our house lighting, program our thermostat and even take a hands free panoramic picture. Even with apps alone, the possibilities are endless.

Shopping has never been so easy. Online stores and major brands are growing in popularity and soon most of our shopping, groceries and apparel will be done automatically with the click of a button. Merchandise will be shipped to your door via a drone and you won’t even have a name or face to thank for it.


Is Technology Taking Over?

Is Technology Taking Over?

Getting your questions answered by a doctor would take months to book an appointment, now there are apps that you can use to speak to a doctor over your phone instantly. You can go to a walk in clinic and use Skype to get a diagnosis on your current condition. You can have therapy sessions via your webcam. Perhaps one day similar strategies can be used in all cultures and nations and help those in need. If we are able to create and help with prevention awareness, many of our world problems can hopefully be averted or at least lessened.

The goal is to constantly and consistently make our lives easier and more entertaining.  This goal will always drive us to be creative, imagine and think outside of the box. We will constantly be trying to make things perfect. Although perfection can never be achieved we will always continue to try.

How much of this new technology will consume our daily lives and will we one day need to depend on technology and not be able to survive without it? Our lives today will not be the same a decade from now. The only thing that is consistent is change and we must embrace it and not fear it.


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