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Many internet marketers focus on getting good quality links to their website thinking that should be enough for a successful search engine optimization campaign. The truth is, much of search engine optimization success has to do with the structure of your website. If your website is not structured in a way that’s ideal for search engine optimization, everything you do won’t have much effect on your ranking in search engine results pages.
Before you develop your website, you should keep in mind the tips listed below in order to make sure that you build one that’s ideal for search engine optimization. If you already have a website, reflect on the following to determine whether or not you need to re-design.

1. Never Overuse Your Keywords

The presence of keywords in all pages is important for any site to rank highly in search engine results pages. If you overuse your keywords, however, you could face the consequences of keyword spamming. Software that search engines use to index websites are programmed to ignore sites that overuse keywords. To be safe, make sure that each of your web pages have a maximum keyword density of 3%. Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

Keywords should not be overused in meta tags either. You should also be sure that all the keywords you use in your meta tags are not only relevant to your content but also related to each other.

2. Avoid Using Frames

Although frames can be very helpful in structuring your website, they can be detrimental to your search engine optimization campaign. This is because the usage of frames increase loading times and search engine indexing software are likely to move on to the next site without even giving yours a chance to load.
3. Avoid Using Javascript and Flash

Using Javascript and Flash allow for more creative and visually appealing sites. However, website elements in these formats do not provide much back-end content for search engine indexing software to crawl through. For this reason, they are not beneficial to search engine optimization campaigns.

4. Avoid Submitting Your Website Too Often

Keep in mind that search engines are repelled by all kinds of spamming and if you submit your website for indexing too often, it will most likely be removed for their list of sites to crawl. Submit your site once and focus on the other elements of your search engine optimization campaign. If you do everything else correctly, search engine indexing software will repeatedly crawl through your site even if you don’t submit it.seo-diagram1

As long as you make sure to avoid everything listed above, you can be sure that your website is ideally structured for search engine optimization.

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