Staying Fit and Healthy in 2014 and Beyond

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We all want to live fit and healthy, long lives but unfortunately, not all of us are able to achieve this fervently desired goal, with many falling by the wayside due to premature illness and death.

No doubt mortality is unavoidable – we are ALL going to die someday, but it is critical that we take suitable steps to ensure longevity as well as good health throughout our lifespan.

In that spirit, let us look at some steps that you can take to ensure that you remain fit and healthy this year, as well as in the years to come.

Exercise Regularly

There is absolutely no compromise to exercising regularly. Bear in mind that exercising does not always mean rigorous workouts; due to age and various other compulsions, this may not even be an option for a lot of us.

Instead, the idea here is to ensure regular bodily motion / movement, and not be an eternal “couch potato”.

Staying Fit and Healthy in 2014 and Beyond

Staying Fit and Healthy in 2014 and Beyond – Exercise Regularly

You needn’t even hit the gym to exercise regularly; if you can take time out for a regular walk / jog, you will find that that alone will make a world of difference to your health and wellbeing.

Regulated Diet

As you age progressively, the importance of a regulated diet takes on critical hues. For instance, fat intake needs to be minimized, as do salt or sodium intake. Remember processed foods invariably contain a lot of fat, sodium and various other undesirable elements, so over the course of your diet regulation, minimizing intake of processed foods should be high on your agenda.

Another very important facet of a regulated diet is timing – you need to manage the time at which you take your meals well. Otherwise, a good quality diet taken at odd hours may not do you much good. Stick to a balanced, nutritious diet taken at regular stipulated intervals for best results.

Quit Smoking – and NEVER start if you don’t

Besides the better known and well documented risks of lung cancer and heart disease, smoking – or just about any form of tobacco ingestion, is known to be behind a variety of ailments. Therefore it is in your best interest that you quit smoking if you do so, and NEVER start if you don’t.

Staying Fit and Healthy in 2014 and Beyond

Staying Fit and Healthy in 2014 and Beyond – Quit Smoking

Agreed that if you are a smoker already, it is much easier said than done, to quit, but with a variety of suitable measures, this endeavor can certainly be made easier.

Weight Management

Weight management is critical towards the end objective of remaining fit and healthy. In any case, it is a well documented fact that our country suffers from obesity to an extent which is rarely seen in other countries.

The first two points mentioned above – regular exercise, as well as regulated diet, will certainly go a long way in helping you manage your weight well. At the same time, there could be other factors at play, say thyroid problems, or a genetic tendency to put on weight. In such cases, you may have to take intrusive measures, including but not limited to surgery, in order to manage your weight better.


While these may not be foolproof steps by any means, they can still go a long way in ensuring that you live a long and healthy life in 2014 and beyond.

And remember, it is never too late to start making a difference!!



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