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The plethora of affiliate programs out there at first seems very attractive to the beginning entrepreneur, until you start investigating them and realize the relatively low potential for expansion that most of them have. After all, if you’re putting the maximum effort in promoting a service or product, it stands to reason that the potential of the product should be able to match – or exceed – your resolve.

Because of the large-scale move to cyberspace that many people are undertaking, acting as a reseller for web hosting services is just the thing that can return the most bang for your buck. Individuals, sole proprietorships and companies are rushing to the internet in the largest numbers ever to get a slice of the pie, and they all need web hosting to effect their plans.

This is precisely where you come in, acting as a middleman to the masses. The beauty of going with a white label reseller of web hosting is that you get to market a professional product as your own, and the traffic you send to the parent company almost always results in equal profit for the two of you. The rebranding lifts nearly every restriction that other affiliate programs place on you regarding product sales, and allows you to employ an unbridled range of promotional strategies to corral visitors and then convert them to leads and sales.

Ease of Setup with a Web Hosting Company

If you were building a web hosting company from scratch, chances are you would be overburdened with all the requirements – unless you’re already a systems administrator with years of industry experience. From making sure you have top-notch, PCI-compliant servers, security, attractive user interface, dashboards and a plethora of other things, it would truly be like building up a company from scratch.

With private label reseller program, however, all of these things are already taken care – there aren’t even any start-up costs. The issuing company provides round-the-clock technical support, all the necessary tools for prompt client billing and service, control panels designed with eas-of-use in mind and a nearly 100 percent uptime. This last attribute means your clients will be able to access and change their websites well over 99 percent of the time, with a maintenance schedule (downtime) decided well in advance, and lasting a few hours at most.

Cost and Profitability

All of the cost of the service itself is absorbed by the company in charge of the white label reseller program through which you are obtaining clients for web hosting services. The only cost to you comes through your promotional efforts: how are you going to get people to sign up and register? There are many offline and online methods for this, from the much-talked about search engine optimization methods, to making use of your social media activity and other ways. Offline, old-school methods like handing out business cards and talking to people at work or social gatherings still gets resellers off to a good start.  The beauty of the arrangement is that the profitability is always the same, no matter how you secure clients: 50 percent of revenue generated each month from your clients, every single month. Addressing server issues, billing, support and more are all taken care of by the issuing company – you aren’t responsible for any of the in-house upkeep – qualified professionals with years of experience make sure everything runs smoothly.

The white label aspect of web hosting services means you get to create your own brand and sell the services through it; logo and all. Your own creativity goes into the storefront, with the assurances of a very solid service behind it. And best of all, since web hosting is something that clients pay for month-after-month and year-after-year, it can serve as a steady source of passive income almost interminably.


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