How To Start A Garden Work Business

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A friend of mine pined for a garden for years. Now she has one she realises just how much looking after it takes and with a fulltime job finds she has to hire garden help. She is like lots of others who need basic help in keeping their gardens tidy. If you enjoy this sort of work, it could form the basis of a good business venture for you.gardening1ed(1)

Think about the services you could offer. You don’t have to be a garden expert to do: garden clearance (be sure you agree on what needs pulling up and what doesn’t), lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding, patio maintenance, leaf clearance, fencing, and so on. You could start by specialising in one service (for example, mowing lawns once a week) and build up from there. Do some market research in your area to find the likely take-up, most needed services, what the going rate is, and what the competition is like. Decide whether to charge by the hour or by the job and remember when you draw up your cash-flow statement that the winter months will affect the amount of paying work you can do.succulent-topiary-botanic-garden-4-505

You could advertise by leaflet drops to households as well as through local papers. You could also think about having a regular card in newsagents’ windows and on local noticeboards, as well as advertising in local church magazines, too.

Investing in a simple uniform will help to reinforce your professional image: overalls, T-shirts or sweat shirts printed with your business name will do and won’t cost you much. If s also a good way of advertising yourself and your work.

So if you’re fit and a keen worker who enjoys working outdoors, you could try doing garden work.

This will appeal if

– You enjoy working outdoors.
– You like varied work.
– You’re practical.
– You’re physically fit.
– You’re reliable.plants


– Healthy work, giving you lots of exercise and fresh air
– Excellent opportunities for repeat business.
– Good cash flow set-up.
– Can be varied.
– Seasonal work, with the inevitable downturn in winter months.
– Must be physically fit.
– Some investment in equipment and transport an advantage.
– Hire help to respond to increased workload.
– Acquire more gardening skills to be able to offer a greater range of services, or hire specialist help.
– Carry a range of garden supplies to sell.
– Establish operations in other area;
– Franchise the operation.
– Open a garden shop/centre/nursery.70768874iStock_Garden-work-resized


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