How To Start A Fortune Telling Business

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Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, it is very popular. Perhaps you can see your own fortune being made here?

There are many different methods: Tarot cards, playing cards, palm reading, I Ching, runes, astrology and others including the popular tea leaf reading. Training is available in some, like astrology, but most of them can be picked up through private study and lots of practice.

It is a business which you can easily start at home in your spare time, and as you become proficient you will soon find customers by word of mouth. But still advertise in local papers and/or specialist magazines. Find out beforehand what the going rate is for readings.
There are also numerous festivals and fairs where you could hire a stand. You could also consider operating at your local market. A prestigious London store has had its own resident fortune teller | could you negotiate such a deal?

You could also consider specialising in terms of a target market. One astrologer works with businesses, advising them on planetary influences which may affect the timing of plans and relationships within their organisation.

So, with lots of application, study and practice you could find that as we progress through the Aquarian age, so too does your fortune telling business.

This will appeal if

– You have good interpersonal skills.
– You have a good memory – there is a lot to learn in fortune telling skill area.
– You are genuine.


– Low cost start-up.
– Low overheads.
– Good cash flow set-up.
– If you’re good, your reputation will soon grow.each


– Intermittent work to begin with.
– Can be exhausting when doing it full time.
– May need premises if you can’t or don’t want to work home.
– Earnings are limited by the number of readings you can do in a day.

Future possibilitiesfortune-teller2007_11_25t221942_450x301_us_iran_fortunes

– I’m tempted to say you’ll be able to see for yourself!
– Extend your repertoire of fortune-telling skills.
– Acquire premises and sub-let spaces to others; advertise collectively under one name.
– Acquire shop premises from which to operate and sell related retail stock.

Publication Prediction (monthly)
There are now numerous books available on a wide range of fortune-telling subjects. Consult your local bookshop or library.


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