How To Start A Companions Agency Business

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Many people from all walks of life would like a companion – not someone to date or a marriage partner, but just someone else to be there. The elderly and disabled are two groups which come to mind, but what about people wanting travel or holiday companions, someone to go on regular outings with or to accompany them to a special function? Some are geographically isolated or isolated through bereavement. The potential market appears to be huge.

Market research your area. You may find a demand in only one or two of the above categories but once you have decided that the demand is good enough, recruit your companions. Do it carefully, asking for full references. And it could be a good idea to run them through a training programme on the dos and don’ts of their work.

Advertising needs to be carefully thought out. Local newspapers are fine, but watch how you word the ads; you don’t want to give the impression that you’re running an escort agency which has different connotations. Church magazines and doctors7 surgeries could be good places to advertise, adding an additional air of respectability to your operation.

With little more than a telephone, some printed stationery and a bookings diary, setting up a companions agency could provide a much needed service.
This will appeal if

– You have excellent interpersonal skills.
– You’re reliable, organised and efficient.
– You’re good at managing staff.
– You’re good at understanding people’s needs.


– Low cost start-up.
– You can start up on your own.
– A regular income once your customer base is established.
– Earning potential high since there is no limit to the number of clients you take on.


– May take time to become established.
– May find it difficult to recruit the right staff.
– Office space isn’t essential to start but would help later as you expand.

Future possibilities

– Establish operations in other towns/cities.
– Expand the agency work into other areas: escorting children to and from boarding school, nannies, dating, catering staff, temping etc.
– Acquire premises and establish a social club.


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