How To Start A Car Care Business

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Petrol stations soon realised two facts: cars get dirty, and owners either don’t like cleaning them, or don’t have the time. They began to install car-wash machines. But for the busy executive, how much more convenient if the carwash could go to them.

This is where you come in, with a car-care service.

The benefits to customers are almost as important as the service itself. You will be saving their time and money (spent on petrol, driving around trying to find a car wash without a queue) and you will be selling convenience. You could include interior cleaning and car checks: water levels, engine oil and tyre pressures.IMAGE_Nuno-s-Complete-Car-Care

So think about how to find those customers. Remember that time is money and if you have to spend it travelling from one area to another this will cut down the amount of paying work you’re able to do. Perhaps concentrate on one area to start with. Mail businesses direct, following up with a phone call. Aim to establish work on a contract basis which will ensure a steady work and cash flow.

You will be dealing with professional people and offering a professional service; you too should look professional. Invest in a simple uniform – an overall printed with your business name will not only look good but also advertise your service to other potential customers.

Car care can be physically demanding, but the benefits you are able to offer, backed up by a first-class service, should form the basis for a very successful business.
This will appeal if

– You’re reasonably fit.
– You enjoy manual work.
– You’re reliable.
– You’re happy working outdoors.
– You have a basic knowledge of cars if you intend to offer car-check services.


– There is a perceived gap in the market for this service (do your own market research though).
– Good potential market.
– Good cash flow set-up.
– Low cost start-up.
– Low overheads.
– Some work will be outdoors.
– Not much variety.
– Can be physically demanding.
complete mobile detailers business kit
Future possibilities

– Include a mobile car repair service.
– Increase profitability by buying service goods in bulk.
– Extend the area you cover by employing others.
– Expand into a nationwide network.
– Consider franchising the operation.
– Acquire premises to offer machine car-wash facilities.
– Market your own range of cleaning materials.


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