How To Start A Business of Florist’s Commission Work

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Supplying flowers and floral displays to businesses is the basis of this work, although it does not involve you in making any displays yourself. Instead, you enter into agreements with florists to whom you pass on orders, in exchange for a 10-20 per cent commission – not only for the initial order but for the duration of the contract.flower_shop_owner_550x310

Just think of all the businesses which use flowers: hotels, restaurants, coffee bars; in fact, any business which deals directly with the public – banks, solicitors, showrooms. The list is endless once you start to brainstorm.
So, first of all, have two contracts professionally drawn up: one for you and the florist, and one for you and your customer. Then approach a florist, finalise your agreement, work out your prices, and take photographs of sample displays to show pote customers.

You will be approaching businesses direct, either by mail or in person. Remember to sell the benefits: everything from cheering their customers to helping to humanise the environment (especially important in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms).pinkht

Basically this is a selling job and to be successful you need to be enthusiastic about the product and able to communicate your enthusiasm to your clients.

This will appeal if

– You’re good at, and enjoy, selling.
– You’re enthusiastic about flowers and plants.
– You have an ‘eye’ for interior decor – you will need to be able to suggest which type of display would suit best.

– No investment needed.
– Once the account is established the income generates itself.
– Excellent opportunities in a potentially huge market. Earnings are not limited by the number of hours you can work.

– Ideally you need a car.
– Selling doesn’t suit everyone.
– A drop in standards from your florist will reflect on your business.

Future possibilities

– Almost limitless in terms of business turnover:
– Wholesale flowers yourself instead of handing over contracts to other florists.
– Acquire shop premises and install a manager to take advantage of passing trade.


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