How To Start A Business of Complementary Therapies

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More and more people are starting to question orthodox medicine and complementary therapies are coming into their own. This presents a wide range of exciting opportunities for you – as a complementary therapist.

There are a vast number of different areas in which to work: homoeopathy, herbalism, colour therapy, rebirthing, crystal therapy, massage and aromatherapy, to name a few. But whichever you decide upon, you will need to be professionally trained. The Institute for Complementary Therapies will supply you with a list of bona fide organisations which offer training courses, some of which also look at how to set up and run a practice.botanicalmedicine

The great advantage of this business, besides it being in a growth area, is that both the training and the practice itself can normally be fitted into your spare time; evenings and weekends are when most of your patients will want to see you. It gives you the opportunity to build your customer base gradually and establish your practice.

Although initially offering one therapy, you could train in others later on. In fact, it would help to widen your potential customer base I each therapy has its own limitations.

Advertise your services in local health food shops, ‘alternative’ health magazines and even your local paper. But once your reputation becomes established you may find your work becomes its own advertisement.

This will appeal if

– You’re interested in health.
– You have a genuine desire to help people.
– You have an analytical mind.
– You have good interpersonal skills.


– It’s an expanding market.
– Low overheads, depending on which therapy and how you operate – visiting people or running your practice from your own home will obviously be cheaper than acquiring premises.

– You can start in your spare time.


– Can be demanding.
– May take some time to become established.
– Can be repetitive, depending on the therapy.
Future possibilities

– Extend the range of therapies in which you are proficient.
– Establish a joint practice with other therapists.
– Open other practices around the country.
– Run training courses.
– Depending on the therapy, develop your own commercial product range.


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