How To Start A Business of Children’s Party Entertainer

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Entertaining children can be an incredibly enjoyable way to start your own business. Children love to be entertained and you can help to take the strain off parents whose energies already been spent on simply organising the event.

Decide what sort of character you’re going to be watch some children’s programmes to get some ideas the children will affect your choice. Games, prizes presentation, length of presentation, type of jokes and songs will be affected by their age as well. The amount of space and location (indoors or out) will also be important. Have a number of different repertoires to hand.
This sort of business will respond well to regular advertising local papers. You could also advertise with posters or leaflets in cake shops, toy shops and newsagents.

Prices should be carefully worked out. Be precise about what your programme offers and the amount of time you will spend at each venue. Include the cost of balloons, paper hats, streamer and prizes – with your name and address on as many as possible.carousel-team

Once your reputation is established your work should be i own advertisement. Then you could soon find yourself with a regular supply of work and the prospect of being a sure-fire business success.

This will appeal if

– You enjoy working with children.
– You have some understanding of their needs at different ag
– You enjoy performing.
– You have lots of energy – children can be very demanding
– You have lots of imagination.


– Low cost start-up.
– Good cash flow set-up.
– Lots of fun.
– Your reputation becomes its own advertisement.

– Can be repetitive – but then you can always change your act.
– It’s physically demanding.
– You could be a huge flop with some children – which is why you need different repertoires and to be very imaginative.
– Work will be intermittent at first.

Future possibilities
– Playing to larger audiences, eg at hotels or children’s clubs and societies.
– With a full schedule you could hire others to facilitate expansion.
– Expand the geographical area you coven
– Develop an entertainments booking agency to cover adult entertainment too.
– Produce and sell videos of your performances.
– Write books about how to entertain children.


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