How To Start A Business of Card Mailing Service

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Every year businesses spend small fortunes mailing Christmas cards and other literature to their customers and suppliers. Invariably it takes up someone’s valuable time to organise and administer it – normally a secretary who already has plenty to do.

This is where you could help with a business which offers to handle such mailings from start to finish. You’re selling convenience, organisation and efficiency to them with the added benefit of freeing staff to concentrate on their normal workload.

You could offer to buy in cards to sign and address on behalf of your client; have cards specially printed with the business’s own wording; commission designs for individual companies. But apart from the Christmas rush, you could also remind customers of other mailings you could do for them: special offers, new products, business news updates, other PR activities, and card mailings for other religious festivals like Chinese New Year, Passover or the Muslim Eid festival. In this way you can ensure a more continuous work flow throughout the rest of the year

Mail potential customers direct and think carefully about when to start this business if you want to key in to the Christmas period instantly. Two weeks before 25 December would be catastrophic!

If you’re organised and think you could offer a highly efficient, top quality service to the business sector, card mailing could be the business for you.

This will appeal if

– You’re organised.
– You’re efficient.
– You’re happy doing repetitive work.
– You enjoy clerical, desk-based work.


– A simple business to operate once set up.
– Low cost start-up.
– It has lots of benefits to help


– Seasonal work unless you exploit other mailing opportunities.
– Not much variety.
– Ideally you need to invest in a computer

Future possibilities

– Invest in a compute^ if you haven’t already.
– Acquire premises and install plant to mechanise procedures.
– Extend the services you offer to include PR work – buy in the skills if necessary, perhaps through freelances.
– Offer an international service with cards in other languages. Think about festivals in other countries: American Independence, Mardi Gras and even German unification!


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