How To Start A Bicycle Repairs Business

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As people are becoming more environmentally aware, those who can are handing in the car keys and changing over to pedal power And with this increase in the number of bicycles on the road you have a correspondingly expanding market in bicycle repairs. If s a ready-made opportunity for you to turn to your advantage.
You could start small by travelling to where repairs are needed, similar to how the RAC and AA operate. In this way you of arming the problem of finding workshop premises,

If this is the way you want to start out, think about how you’re going to find your customers, or conversely how they are going to find you. Advertise widely through bike retail outlets, ‘alternative’ and bicycle magazines, local papers and Yellow Pages. Car owners are always having leaflets left on their windscreens. Could you do something similar with bikes to advertise your services? And don’t overlook yourself as a vehicle for carrying advertising. Have some T-shirts and outdoor clothing printed with your business name and telephone number (a mobile telephone is essential). It will also help to reinforce your professional image when your customers see you kitted out.
Although you may repair all types and makes of bicycle, you could also specialise: children’s bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, or any other type. Do some market research and find out what the demands are in your area.

A successful business depends on the size of its market. Here you have an expanding one, just waiting for you to move into. So – on your bike!

This will appeal if

– You’re practical.
– You enjoy bike riding.
– You’re a quick worker.
– You’re reliable.
– You know how to repair bikes – or can go into partnershi] with someone who does.service-repairs


– Low cost start-up.
– Few overheads to start.
– It¡¯s an expanding market.
– Good cash flow set-up


– Working in all weathers.
– Will take time to become established.
– As a small trader your prices may be higher since you may not be able to buy parts in
Future possibilities

– Acquire premises.
– Offer a security marking service.
– Offer a maintenance service.
– Deal in second-hand bikes.
– Sell ancillary lines, clothes and insurance.
– Establish operations in other locations.
– Expand into a nationwide network.
– Franchise the operation.


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