Social Media Spreads Its Wings

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The currents times have brought a number of challenges in peoples’ lives and these challenges have made people to change their lifestyles completely. Modern times brought the present of technological advancements for us and these advancements are providing us the tool to keep pace with changing times. One of the most important facilities is internet the thing that has made common people interested in internet is social media.

Social media is the name given to the facilities on web 2.0, for general public to communicate with each other. These social media sites when first started their work, the general user they attracted were the ones that only wanted to communicate with each other on regularly and free of cost. Some people use these sites so frequently and update their status sp frequently that they inform the people about every current happening in their lives, sometimes it seems that we are watching a 24 hour running soaps about people life. Initially, the people thought that these sites are only for fun purposes, but later these sites showed its different dimensions to people. Now, the people are using these sites, in different ways. Due to popularity of social media politicians use it for their political campaigns, people spread public service messages on it, students share their researches and get help from others, every television channel has its account on social media and business men are using it for marketing.

Social Media Social Media Spreads Its WingsSpreads Its Wings

Social Media Spreads Its Wings

The use of social media is increasing with time. Pew Research show that 73% of the internet user use social media, in one form or the other. About 90% of the people, those are under the age of

twenty nine and, use internet also active social media. Social media has transformed the world into global village, in real sense. Nearly everyone has mobile phones, and 40% of the mobile users use social media on their mobiles, regularly.

These are all the facilities provided by social media, but, people point out a number of evils in it. People, generally the older ones, believe that people waste a lot of time on social media. Due to excessive use of it, the time within the families are loosening or breaking and these sites are creating the drift in family lives. Another comment is also given that these sites are not secure and the videos and pictures uploaded, on them, are misused. People, who use it, generally do not show responsibility and broadcast the unauthorized and misinterpreted information on sites, that later cause harm to lives, of a lot of people. Even the business men are concerned because their copyrights are exploited.

Whether positive or negative, the use of internet is increasing and the companies themselves are doing efforts to increase their coverage. Recently Facebook, like Google, has made a deal to buy solar powered drones so that increase their access even to the remotest areas. This will be another milestone in social media industry and increase the access of people, of remote areas, to wonders of the world. When people say that social media is spreading its wings, few people also claim that personal lives of the people are also coming under the shades of the wings. Recently, social media is accused of the fact that its several sites are selling the personal information to marketing companies, businesses and intelligence agencies, illegally. The personal lives of the people are being compromised. Some people claim that Facebook was actually made by intelligence agencies to collect information about people. No doubt, these sites have transformed our lived, but, privacy of the people should be protected.


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