Six Ways to Reduce Electric Bills This Winter

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The winter months can be a time when money is extra tight because of spending for the holidays and because of costly heating bills. While colder months cause us all to turn up the thermostat, you should know that there are other ways to stay warm and still cut costs. Here are six ways you can reduce electric bill this winter.

1. Find a comfortable temperature and keep it there. Realize that the colder months are going to be around a while. Put on a sweater or long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt and then find a temperature that is comfortable. Ideally, you want to keep it no higher than around 70 degrees – less is better. The more you lower the thermostat, the more money you will save on heating bills each month.

2. Turn your thermostat down at night. You can save money on electricity if you lower the thermostat when you go to bed. It is always easy to add a blanket if you need to, but the lower temperature – preferably around 60-64 degrees – will enable you to see lower figures on your monthly electric bill.

3. Use ceiling fans to distribute heat evenly. Since heat tends to rise, you will feel cooler because you are closer to the floor, but you will notice you feel warmer when standing. You can evenly distribute the heat with a ceiling fan, or even with a regular fan aimed toward the ceiling. This will take the chill out of the air – and let you feel comfortable at a lower temperature setting.

4. Seal the windows and doors to prevent drafts. If you live in an older home then you probably have some spaces around window and door frames where air can come through. Block these cracks and it will lower the frequency that your heater comes back on.

5. Keep curtains closed longer. Do not open your curtains, especially the ones on the side where the sun shines, until the sun is shining directly on them. This will let you use the sun’s rays to warm the room, and when closed, the curtains will act as more insulation to keep the room warmer longer. This will help you lower electric bill and save money.

6. Keep your furnace’s filters clean. Air filters are designed to keep the dust down, but if they become clogged, your furnace has to work harder, which raises the cost of heating higher than necessary. Putting in a new filter when needed will help you save money on your electric bill each month.


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