Simple Ways to Lose Weight

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There are times in your life when you will decide that you need to lose weight. It could be after an indulgent holiday, after an illness, after giving birth or any other reason but the goal is the same – to lose a certain amount of weight. For some people, losing weight can be quite easy but for others it can be much more difficult. However, there are several simple ways to lose weight for everyone.

Cut down on the calories:

Let’s face it, the most delicious food items are generally loaded with empty calories (such as pizza, chocolate cake and chow mein etc). If you eat food with lots of calories then you soon find the weight piling on. However, if you are trying to lose weight then it doesn’t mean that you have to cut these sorts of foods out completely. Try reducing the size of your portion or even find healthier alternatives (such as making your own with low-fat ingredients) and you will find you are cutting down the amount of calories you are consuming whilst still enjoying your favourite meals.

Exercise more regularly:

Exercise is paramount to losing weight as it burns the calories you consume. If possible, try visiting the gym a few times a week or go swimming. Swimming is a good way of losing weight and it tones the entire body at the same time. If you can’t visit the gym due to family or work commitments or hesitant about exercising in public, try using a workout Wii/PSP game or DVD. Try to increase your amount of exercise in other ways – for example, instead of using the car to pick up the newspaper head to the shops on foot. Go for a game of football with the kids or with your mates. Find ways to make exercise more fun – try going to Zumba with a bunch of your friends where you will get a really good workout but enjoy yourself at the same time.

Clean your kitchen:

No, I don’t mean getting down on the floor and scrubbing every inch of the kitchen (although that is a good idea for a workout despite being quite boring), but clean your kitchen of all bad things. This includes things such as deep-fat fryers etc, as they cook food in very unhealthy ways. Once you have ‘cleaned’ your kitchen, look at healthier cooking methods such as steamers and smoothie makers. The George Forman grill machines are great items to have in your kitchen. As they cook your meat and other items they get rid of all the fat and grease inside, leaving you with healthier and tasty food.

Decrease your alcohol intake:

It may sound surprising to some but alcohol is exceptionally high in calories. Some people may substitute a bottle of wine for an indulgent treat but the truth is that they contain just as much (or sometimes even more calories) as the other. You don’t have to give up your drink completely, but you will certainly notice the difference if you cut down. If your favourite tipple is a vodka and coke then substitute the coke for a diet one as a glass of it will probably contain the same amount of calories as the vodka.

Don’t make excuses:

If you have decided to lose weight then you shouldn’t make excuses to yourself about your diet or exercise routine. Some days will be harder than others; you may it difficult to say no to that piece of chocolate cake or extra glass of wine. Don’t say to yourself that if you indulge in it then you will work it off later when you know perfectly well that you won’t. Don’t eat to your heart’s (or stomach’s) delight at weddings or other special occasions with all the delicious and indulgent treats, knowing that there is no way that you will work it off. Yes it is hard to lose weight, but excuses are not going to help. Once you have made up your mind and set a goal, don’t stop until you have reached that goal. If you do, not only will you have achieved what you set out to do, but you will discover you have the strength and willpower to achieve anything.


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