The Search for the Fountain of Youth

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The Healing Properties of Water

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon went in search of the fountain of youth in 1513 but he never found it. Down throughout the ages people have hoped for a veritable fountain of youth to turn back the clock and restore youthful vigor. There have been many stories regarding healing waters. Some even credited such waters with the power to bestow the gift of immortality and so were referred to as the elixir of life.

Even in modern day many people believe in the healing properties of water. In certain parts of the world there are waters that are considered sacred and are revered for their miraculous healing powers. It is no wonder that water is considered to be the elixir of life. It is essential to life. Animals and plants need water to exist and thrive. Even the earth itself needs water. The human body is 70% water. We can go without food longer than water. It is a precious liquid that is vital to health, well being and our very existence.


In many ways water truly is a miraculous substance. Long ago people were aware of the benefits of natural hot springs and mineral baths. You might say that they were the first spas. But one might wonder why all water doesn’t possess the miracle healing powers attributed to water found in certain areas. In fact, it is unknown as to whether or not any water actually possesses healing properties. Many claims to miraculous healing is thought to be the result of belief in the mind whether than the actual water itself. Regardless of the cause, even the Bible contains references to people being healed after bathing in healing waters. Tales that have marveled at the miraculous powers of certain healing waters have existed even to modern day.

David Copperfield claimed to discover a real fountain of youth among a cluster of four small islands in the Exuma chain of the Bahamas which were purchased by Copperfield for 50 million dollars. He claimed that dead dry leaves and even insects near death were rejuvenated by the unique water. So what are we to make of these tales of special waters imbued with seemingly supernatural healing properties? Is there really a fountain of youth that can bestow upon humankind the gift of eternal youth and perhaps even immortality? Chances are we’ll never know for sure. If there is a real fountain of youth it is likely that such information would not become public knowledge. Can you imagine the pandemonium that would take place as people would flock to such a site in droves?


If such miraculous water did exist it only seems plausible that there would be a scientific explanation for the healing properties of the water. Perhaps all water had such healing powers at one time. The secret of such legendary water may lie in the purity of the water or the trace minerals found in the water. Earth has gone through many changes throughout the ages and so has her oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and springs. Perhaps the potency of those legendary waters has been lost or tainted in some manner, that is if it ever existed at all.

One thing remains certain, miraculous powers or not, water is essential to life. Water cleanses our bodies on the outside and it removes toxins from within. Water may never restore our youth or make us immortal but it is a vital component to a healthy body and life itself.


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