Schizophrenia: Causes, Precaution, Detection and Cure

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The term Schizophrenia means schizo- splitting and Phrenia- splitting of the mind.  Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that completely changes the personality of the thing. It changes how the person talks, thinks, reacts, socialize and interprets the surroundings. In Schizophrenia, the patient actually feels difficulty in differentiating between real people, events and characters, with that of imaginary.

CAUSES –Schizophrenia usually develops in late teens till late twenties. Scientists are not sure of the fact about what are the reason reasons due to which an individual develops Schizophrenia, but, they believe that majorly genetics, surrounding and environment and other kinds of illnesses may trigger Schizophrenia. Scientists also suggest that prenatal development, complications in pregnancy, excessive use of drugs, people rejected from society and families, social stress and defenselessness due to emotional, financial and mental fronts can contribute in developing. It is also suspected that complex malfunctioning of functions of brain can cause Schizophrenia.



PRECAUTIONS–no general understanding of prevention is applicable on Schizophrenia, although, the indicated prevention and early intervention can help to reduce the risks of Schizophrenia.

In indicative prevention doctors try to target the patient that show highest risk of Schizophrenia i.e the causes of Schizophrenia are more prominent in their case, whereas, if this isn’t possible, the doctors try to target as early as possible to stop the complexity of the disease.

DETECTION –  It is very important to diagnose Schizophrenia in a patient, at early stages, because in later stages it becomes really difficult to handle the patients, with sever stage of Schizophrenia. The early warning signs regarding psychotic behavior are: hallucinations, delusions, difficulty in sense of perception and show movement disorders. In these symptoms the patients can not differentiate real from imaginary and as a result, develops a world of his own. It becomes patient to show any feelings, expressions, present his thought and stick to a certain plan. Even it becomes really difficult for him to interact, socialize and pay attention to things. When a patient starts developing Schizophrenia, it becomes difficult for common people to identify and help him. People generally consider that the patient is in a bad mood and needs space. Insuch scenarios, the disease becomes severe and the most patients, of Schizophrenia, brought to the hospitals are in their severe stages.

CURE –The treatment plan or cur of Schizophrenia involves multiple steps. When a person is diagnosed with Schizophrenia, usually the patient himself and its mates make superstitious and illusionary thing out of it. The important step in this treatment is to treat the patient normally. Initially the medication is given, which is according to the need of the patients and the severity of the condition. Patient is involved healthy activities like social work and therapy is done to make the relationships, of the patients, better with his family and friends. The treatment plan also involves Electroconvulsive therapy for some kinds of Schizophrenia.

All we have to keep in mind that Schizophrenia is only a disease and is not infectious because it is observed that if a person is diagnosed with Schizophrenia, people start avoiding that person and do not want to hang around him/ her. But, the important fact is that interaction and positive enforcement can help the patient to become better.


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