How to Remove a Callous

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A callous can be a painful on your feet and on your fingers. Callouses are dry areas of your skin which have had wide repetitive contact and exposure to objects. If you are an athlete or a lover of high heels, you might get callouses often. Whenever you look at a callous, you might be tempted to scrape off the hard skin with a sharp knife. But, don’t! There are much easier methods to remove or reduce a callous. Removing callouses can be relatively inexpensive and can produce positive results.

* Put lotion on your hand or foot where the callous is located.
* Wear open toed shoes, which allows for air to be in contact with a callous.
* Have a specialized moisturizer made of minerals to rub on your hand or foot to lessen the amount of infection of the callous.
* Wear relaxing shoes which do not have contact with your callous.
* Even though the thought is tempting, do not wear high heels if you have a foot callous.
* Avoid typing or contact with objects with your hands while you have a hand callous.


* If the problem is severe, contact your doctor or podiatrist.
* Never touch a callous which is bleeding or infected. Instead use bandage and anti-biotics.



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