Are relationships for Love or Money

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Are you dating now? What is the motive for you to get into a relationship?

You may say that relationship is for love, not for money. You love your boyfriend or girlfriend and are willing to commit to a legally binding relationship in marriage.

What about your girlfriend or boyfriend? Does he or she love you for who you are? Will he or she leave you when you are out of job and penniless? There are people who married for money.

They seek the security of money. Once the money is gone, the appearance of a loving husband or a loving wife fades.
How do you know whether your girlfriend or boyfriend love you or love your money? There are many ways to find out.

The first way is to discuss the question openly. You do not have to ask him or her, “do you love me or love my money?” That is a very tactless and stupid way to ask the question.

You can get the real answer in the roundabout way. You can discuss the question of “Are relationships for love or money?” Discuss all the morality of the poor ladies from the developing countries marrying the middle-aged guys from the developed countries.

You can talk to the friends and parents of your girlfriend or boyfriend. If all his or her friends are those who rather marry for money than for love, this should trigger a warning in your mind. Since he or she can get along with those friends, then they are likely to share the same view.

There are many practical persons in this world who do not marry for money, but they will not love a person without moneimagesy.

Money is important. Without money, you cannot survive, much less to support a family in this world. However, the love of money is the root of all evils. If you get into a relationship for money, you will have to bear the fruitage of your choice. You will not be happy living with a person you do not like.

On the other hand, if your boyfriend or girlfriend marries you for your money, you have to bear the fruitage of your choice too. He or she does not love you, and will not share your interests and goal in life.

So folks, give serious thoughts to this question. Search your heart and soul for the answer. If you are dating, make sure your partner shares your view.


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