Planning your day

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Its 6:30 AM, you make yourself ready to go to work or school. Get your cloths make some breakfast and pack your bag/books and that’s it.
You’re going to your work/school and need to have done several things today, you want them to do at home because you are very busy at school or at work.

You have finished your day at work/school and you’re tired, you get something to drink and you are walking to the living room and watch some TV.
But you still got that “several things” to do, how do we fix that? Just Plan Your Day!

Before you even start the day take a moment of rest. Get out of your bed and relax.
No hurry because if you do hurry you might loos some items you need for that particular day (ex. your pen, notepad, books etc.) that is very important.

Go sit down and write all the things you have to do today on a note.
Take that note and put it in your pocket.
Every time when you look at that note cross out the things you have done!
Try to look at the note every 5 hours. Then begin to think witch things you can do right now.
Try to do as many as you can because it will help a lot when you day is finished.

When you are standing in the kitchen or living room to make your breakfast, try to think clear.
Why? Because you just got out of your bed and you are not totally focussed on the things you are doing at the moment.
You have made your breakfast, pack your bag/books and you are ready to go.

You need to be at work/school at 8:30 AM and the trip from your house to your destination will take 30 minutes for example.
I think that fresh up, make breakfast and pack your bag/books won’t take 1½ hour, I think you should need around 1 hour maximum to do this so there is 30 minutes left.

You can do the following things:

-Stay in bed for 15 more minutes.

-You can take a shower for 15 minutes.

-You can watch the early news for 15 minutes.

-Doing nothing and take some rest for 15 minutes.


Choose witch one you prefer the most. Why 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes?
Because if you have a bad day and you are stuck in the traffic or your car/scooter won’t start you have got an extra 15 minutes to fix that!


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