Why Nobody is Too Young Or Too Old To Write?

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A child who can hold a pencil can write. The words may be simple. The writings may be ugly, but the child is never too young to write.

All of us human beings are expressive creatures. Children are even more expressive than persons much older. Due to their age, they do not know that sky cannot be purple color and human beings do not live forever.

Due to the ignorance of the “real world”, they do not know that fairies do not exist among the flowers and trees. They do not know that they are too powerless to make the Earth rotates the other way.
They are fearless in expressing themselves. They are fearless in putting words on to papers. They are willing to accept the responsibilities of inventing new words. They are capable of using the wrong adjectives for description.

Surprisingly, children are able to write the absolute truth. They write simple and profound truth that many adults have not learnt.

Nobody is too young to write, anyone who can hold a pencil can write.

Nobody is too old to write. Writing is a form of expression, just like talking. Anyone who has a brain to think has the ability to express the thoughts in spoken words and written words.

A person who has lived a longer life and has more experiences in life, has more to share. The wisdom of living till a ripe old age cannot be gain otherwise. Not many people can live beyond 50 years old, much less 80 years old.
The wisdom of anyone living longer than a century is not lost, if only he or she is willing to share. Talking is a way to share the wisdom. Writing is another way to share with people the world over.

The ability to live a long life is a much coveted secret. Scientists are working so hard to uncover this secret. If you have the secret, why not share it with the rest of the world?

Even if you are suffering from bad eyesight, you are never too old to write. You may have to make use of technology to convert the spoken words to written words. It will take longer time but still possible.

So folks, you are not too young nor too old to write. Share your thoughts with the rest of the world and enjoy the fruitage of your written works.


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