Motivate Your Family to Clean House

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Are you tired of nagging your kids to clean their rooms? Are you tired of asking your husband to clean out the basement? When you are exhausted from nagging, reminding and pleading it’s time to resort to other tactics. You may even have to resort to drastic measures like going on strike. Here are a few ways to motivate your family to clean house.

Stop playing pick up. Don’t clean up after your family members. If you’re the type who goes behind your kids picking up the trail of endless clutter they leave like bread crumbs stop doing it. As long as you continue to pick up after them they will continue to be lazy and messy. Why bother cleaning up after yourself when you have someone else to do it for you?


Stop cleaning their rooms. Are you still making your teenage son or daughter’s bed? If your kids are old enough to clean their rooms, by all means, let them. Parents often continue to clean up after adult children that are still living at home. This is something you need to stop. If your kids are old enough to clean up after themselves then you should allow them to do so.

Take a day or two off from doing housework. This may not sound like an appealing idea especially if you detest a messy house but it is an effective way to motivate your family to help out with the household chores. When your daughter’s favorite jeans are still in the hamper and your husband can’t find that report he needs for work they might get the message. The point is to get them to stop taking you for granted and get them to appreciate all you do for them on a daily basis. Sometimes that only becomes apparent once your loving family members have to become responsible for their own belongings and living space.


You don’t have to let the whole house become a total disaster in order to enlist the assistance of your family members. It usually doesn’t have to go that far in order to get your message across. Consider it your way of giving them a gentle nudge. After all, it beats nagging, yelling and stomping your feet to get anything done. Once you get your family motivated to clean the house thank them for their help then give them a gentle reminder that housework is not just a one time event. It is an ongoing process. Even more so, it’s a family affair.


Show your family that housework doesn’t have to be all drudgery. Make it fun. Turn on some music and dance while you dust. Create games such as having the kids search for missing household or personal items in a sort of household treasure hunt. See who can clean their room the quickest. Create incentives like an increase in allowance, an extended bedtime or an outing. Be creative. Use your imagination. Getting the whole family involved in housework can be more fun than you imagined. Chores will get done faster and everyone can have more time to relax.


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