Mens Facial Care Regime

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Women are the focus of the beauty industry, but men are slowly closing in. Today’s man want to look and feel his best and that all starts with a great skin care regime. Men do not have the same troubles and hurdles to overcome when striving for facial beauty, but they do have their own set of facial quirks.

Men have oily skin by nature. As a matter of fact, the oil levels on a man’s face can be up to 20% more than on a woman’s face. In order to keep that oil at bay, clean your face with natural and chemical free products. Following your cleaning with an oil free toner and finish the regime with an oil free moisturizer.


Men will occasionally need to perform a little skin maintenance just like their fellow women. Exfoliating, cleansing masks and chemical peels will all help to shed off that top layer of skin. It is the top layer of skin that holds on to the everyday dirt and grime you encounter by simply walking in the air.

Mens facial care offers one huge difference than women’s facial care. Men have to shave in order to keep that clean fresh look, but shaving can wreak havoc on the skin. Men, when shaving, make sure you use a fresh razor as soon as your old blade appears to be getting even the slightest bit dull. Old, dull razors can literally rip the skin from the face.

After shaving, never use an alcohol based after shave. Alcohol will only dry the face and irritate any knicks even more than they already are. Another no no for a man’s facial care regime is scented products. Perfume is alcohol based and alcohol should never be applied to shaved skin, no matter the form. Instead of aftershave, rinse the face with cool water and apply a great moisturizer.


Men have facial need just as women have facial needs. While men, most often, do not have to deal with the problems of a “T” zone and makeup removal, women rarely have to worry about the after-effects of aftershave. Men can take care of their face just as women can and the results are age defying.


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