How “MEDITATION” helps to make you healthy

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We have all concentrated a lot on our physical health. Have been to many qualified doctors, have been using many effective medicines, but have we found a medicine for our hard working brain?
We have been searching for mental piece and physical fitness. Though we are aware of a great therapy called ‘MEDITATION’, we have been ignoring it, partly due to lack of complete understanding of the therapy and partly as we consider it as a part of “Bearded Saint’s under the Tree lifestyle’. But the truth goes like MEDITATION is one of the easiest and most effective techniques that can guarantee you both mental and physical fulfillment. You don’t have to be a monk or a saint sitting under a tree to make meditation a part of your life style. It is for every average human being who is deep in to the material world and wish to attain some mental peace. Meditation is for a student who wants to stand high in the class, it’s for a professional who wants a break out of his tedious schedule, it’s for an entrepreneur who is head long into his day which takes up more than 24 hours a day.
Meditation is all about getting together your senses, focusing all your ability to anything as simple as your breath itself. Meditation needs just a little of your time, perseverance and desire to attain the peace it provides.
Meditation is an exercise to your mind. It increases concentration, sharpens your focus, makes your life more peaceful and more purposeful. It’s an exercise to get a look into your inner mind, to know what you really wanted out of your life, to understand what little things can give you happiness. The art of concentration, which is the primary and the only requirement to perform this magical exercise, can be gained by trying to keep away as many thoughts out of your mind as you can. The great gurus who have been in to this health care technique and practiced it for a quite long time now, say you can achieve this by closing your eyes and counting your up and down breath. An unwanted thought comes to your mind and just let it pass. Keep your focus just on your breath. Most of our daily activities demand a considerate amount of our concentration and our creative edge. Researchers feel the effective application of this technique has a profound influence on how a person thinks, how a person handles a given situation and most importantly how a person can realize what he has and what he wanted with such clarity that it seems obvious.
Meditation is often considered as a ritual in Hinduism or as a part of particular religion.  But it is less commonly acknowledged as a simple technique that aids to reach one’s own conscience, to unearth one’s great caliber of thought and concentration. Meditation is not a religion nor is it a philosophy or ritual. The fruit of this great technique can be reaped by anyone a boy of 10 to a man of “you name it”. Meditation is included in the curriculum of many schools in North America; it can be a part of training to the professionals as it increases the overall capability of the employee’s in the firm.


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