Married and Single People

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Sometimes I wonder if there is some kind of Cold War between married and single people. It seems that the world is divided into two categories. On one side there are the married people, who consider that their choices in life are mature, and on the other side are the singles, who prefer to live on their own.

For example a single woman is not very welcomed in the house of a married one. She is considered like some kind of enemy who might seduce the husband. Same goes for single mensingle-people-on-facebook-400x228

When the singles are not considered as enemies for the marriage then they might inspire pity. Couples consider that they are sad and alone, just praying to find a soul mate. In some cases this is true but some people just love to be single and independent. Being able to do what ever they want when they want it’s for them better than to be involved in a serious relationship. They can date, have fun but never dare to go further than this.

Let’s take an example of two women who were once best friends a long time ago. Now the married one has changed her priorities. Meetings with the single friend are less and less often. They don’t have as many things in common as in the beginning of their friendship when they both were single. The married woman is interested in discussions about kids or buying a new house wile the single one does not care about this. She would rather talk about new clubs were she would wanna go and have a good time. At beginning they listen to each other trying to save their friendship. With time though the relationship becomes colder and they find less and less things to talk about.
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Some people are obsessed on the idea of marriage. It is almost like their main porpoise in life it’s to get married and form a family. Unfortunately many times the fairies tell does not match with the reality. A few years later they are facing a divorce. On the other extreme are the ones too scared to get married even if a soul mate. The reason that they’re too terrified to make this step is an unhappy childhood. Most probably their parents had a terrible marriage.

No matter in which category we find ourselves, the most important thing is to feel good with the choices we made.


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